4 th grade 2 nd quarter spi s n.
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4 th Grade 2 nd Quarter SPI’s PowerPoint Presentation
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4 th Grade 2 nd Quarter SPI’s

4 th Grade 2 nd Quarter SPI’s

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4 th Grade 2 nd Quarter SPI’s

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  1. Language Arts Minute 4th Grade 2nd Quarter SPI’s

  2. What would it be like • My feet planted tight • In these lines, the speaker’s • feet are being compared to • which of these? • Earth • Flowers • Shoes • Roots

  3. B

  4. Which best explains why the author compares the cat in this poem to a tiger? • Because both animals are strong hunters • B. Because both animals should be guarded • C. Because both animals are in the cat family • D. Because both animals have pads and paws with claws

  5. B

  6. The sound of the oceanse waves was very calming. • What is the correct way to write the underlined word? • oceans’ • ocean’s • oceanes • Leave as is.

  7. B

  8. Which is an antonym for rough? • bumpy • smooth • round • slippery

  9. B

  10. Leona is delighted that her team won the championship.Which word is an antonym for delighted?

  11. C

  12. I felt a bit weak after having the flu but now I feel fine. Which underlined word is a homophone? A. felt B. weak C. having D. now

  13. B

  14. My dear friend Elena mailed a letter to me.Which underlined word is a homophone?

  15. A

  16. dull adj.1. lacking brightness: A dulllight shone across the room.2. uninteresting: Our class finallyfinished reading the dull story. 3. havinglittle color: The blazing sun had turnedthe paint on the shed to a dull green.4. gloomy: The clouds made the dayseem dull. • To which meaning could the synonym dim be added? • 1 • B. 2 • C. 3 • D. 4

  17. A

  18. Malia held her grandmother.Which word is a synonym for the underlined word in the sentence?

  19. C

  20. Roberto jammed his backpack with books.Which definition means the same as the underlined word in the sentence?

  21. C

  22. If the prefix dis- is added to the word satisfied, what does dissatisfied mean?

  23. D

  24. Which prefix can be added to the word level to make it mean "many levels"?

  25. D

  26. Read this sentence. We saw many kinds of fish in our city's new aquarium. What is the meaning of the Latin root "aqua" in the word aquarium?

  27. D

  28. The population of our popular city is growing. What is the meaning of the Latin root "popul" in the words population and popular?

  29. A

  30. When the suffix -ous is added to courage, what does the new word courageous mean?

  31. A

  32. The word command means "to control." If -er is added to the end of the word command, what does commander mean?

  33. A

  34. A largerainbow trout jumped suddenly out of the calm water. Which underlined word in this sentence is an adverb?

  35. C

  36. The happiness boys cheer loudly as their team wins the game.Which change should be made in this sentence?

  37. A

  38. I fed bread crumbs to the goose. A moment later, a flock of ________ stood by my feet.Which is the plural of goose?

  39. C

  40. Luis was looking at the pictures in Kendra’s book. What is the correct way to write the underlined word?

  41. D

  42. If you are thinking of getting a parrot as a pet, you should prepare yourself for a long friendship. Parrots usually develop strong feelings for their owners. Which of these best supports the first sentence in the paragraph?

  43. D

  44. The Lake 1 Janet was excited. She had been waiting all winter long to go to the lake. Finally summer had arrived, and the temperatures outside were warming up. The weekend after school let out. Janet and her family packed up the car and headed to the lake for a picnic. Janet and her brother asked to go down to the beach for a swim. "Don't be too long. Her mother said. We're going to eat lunch soon." 2 Janet nodded and ran after her brother. They charged into the lake together. Janet felt a chill rush through her body. The water was freezing! She and her brother jumped out quickly. Her father had taken a day off from work. They ran back to their picnic site. They charged into the lake together. Janet felt a chill rush through her body. Which of these would best improve the flow between the two sentences?

  45. A

  46. The source with the most information about the history of railroads in America is

  47. D

  48. The sections of a newspaper are ordered by

  49. A

  50. Read this part of a note. Meet me at 3:30 at the back door of the school. We can walk home together. My dad is off from work today. He can drive us to soccer practice. Who is the most likely audience for this letter? • a student • a parent • a teacher • a coach