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Nepal Trekking Tours PowerPoint Presentation
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Nepal Trekking Tours

Nepal Trekking Tours

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Nepal Trekking Tours

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  2. Nepal Trekking Tours Nepal Trekking Tours provided by Asian Journey is one of the best forms of Himalayan adventure sports. This is an exciting activity of lifetime providing the great experience with lots of excitement. If you are planning to be in Nepal for next vacation then book the trip that provides everything to enjoy the best of moment in pleasant way.

  3. About Us Asian Journey Pvt Ltd is a privately owned adventure travel company that specializes in providing its clients with high-quality trips to the Himalayas and the surrounding regions.Founded in 2003 in Nepal, Asian Journey has long years experience in providing its clients with life lasting memories of their travels and adventures to the Himalayas and the region. We offer adventure travels to three Himalayan countries which include Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet – the gems of the Himalayan range. We offer a wide range of activities including hiking, trekking, peak climbing, mountaineering, rafting, mountain biking and wildlife safaris. One of our greatest specialties also include cultural tours around the heritage sites of these three countries.




  7. Nepal Trekking Trip Nepal is a charismatic place to enjoy the wonderful sights and go trekking with near and dear ones. The breathtaking mountain range, rivers, landscapes, and other natural charms are the best reason to visit this beautiful country. Numbers of adventurers and trekkers come here by booking Nepal Trekking Trip from Asian Journey to pump the adventure and break the monotonous life. Nepal Trekking Located in breathtaking Himalayan ranges, Nepal is a beautiful country bestowed the top by Mother Nature all around. It is one of the favorite destinations among trekkers coming every year across the world for wonderful Nepal Trekking experience and adventure sport activities. Asian Journey provides the amazing tour at the popular Nepal trek spots.



  10. Climbing in Nepal Not all Nepalese Himalayan peaks are an impossible venture reserved only for the fully professional and experienced climbers and mountaineers. There are several Himalayan peaks that are easily accessible and do not require an excessive dose of technical climbing. Physical fitness and psychological preparedness are nevertheless a must when you consider climbing any peak in the world. Peak climbing will enable you to witness 360 degrees vistas of the surrounding peaks and landscapes that only a few people have witnessed. Asian Journey’s team of trustworthy and professional climbers and guides will give you all the needed security and organization needed to conquer a Himalayan peak and experience what only a few people have.

  11. GPO Box 7260,Chhetrapati, Kathmandu Nepal +977-9851032316 +977-9818527621 +977-9851032316 (Viber & Whatsapp)