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My Home Sweet Home PowerPoint Presentation
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My Home Sweet Home

My Home Sweet Home

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My Home Sweet Home

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  1. My Home Sweet Home Thanks for thecompliment, keeping house clean and hygienic is not easy

  2. Different Area, Different Cleaning

  3. To Keep Our House…. Dirt, Dust & Germ Free

  4. Different Cleaning Different Products

  5. More Time & Effort

  6. For Smart & Intelligent Work MIGHTY IN ONE New Age Intelligent Cleaning

  7. Mighty in One CLEANS PROTECTS ELIMINATES Ready To Use Multi Purpose Cleaner For Everyday Use


  9. MIGHTY IN ONE (MIO) • No harmful chemicals • No toxic after effects • Removes germs, grease, soil, dust, • organic oils, airborne odours • Employs micro- technology to protect • surfaces • Helps reduce the frequency of • reoccurring cleaning challenges

  10. MIGHTY IN ONE (MIO) 7 in 1 ADVANTAGE General Cleaner Germs Remover Anti-Static Degreaser Surface Protector Odour Eliminator Stainless Steel / MetalCleaner& Polisher

  11. MIGHTY IN ONE (MIO) 1. General Cleaner: Ready to use cleaner for everyday cleaning challenges Floors, Walls, Countertops, Litter Box, Fabrics, Carpet, Upholstery, Glass, LED/LCD/Plasma screens (TV, Laptop, Computer, Mobile etc.) *Metals, Bathroom fixtures, Leather, Finished wood, Appliances, etc.

  12. MIGHTY IN ONE (MIO) • 2. Germs Remover • Protects by removing up to 99%* germs • Lays down a protective barrier that germs can't adhere to for • a long time.

  13. MIGHTY IN ONE (MIO) • 3. Anti-Static • All things in nature have positive or negative electrical charges. • Items like furniture /counters become positively charged producing static. • Most airborne contaminates like dust and particles are negatively charged. • Because opposites attract, these surfaces act like a magnet to dust. • Cleaning with Mighty in One changes the charge back to negative eliminating the attraction thus keeping the dust and particles away. • As result, Mighty in One cleaned surfaces stay cleaner longer.

  14. MIGHTY IN ONE (MIO) • 4. Degreaser • Clean up messy, greasy stains. • No harmful & harsh chemicals. • (KITCHENS • GARAGES • DRIVEWAYS)

  15. MIGHTY IN ONE (MIO) • 5. Surface Protector • A powerful cleaner that employs micro – technology to lay down a translucent protective film for germs & stain protection. • This protective film barrier continues to work after each cleaning by providing a protective micro-layer that resists germs, dust and dirt. • Help reduce the frequency of reoccurring cleaning challenges.

  16. MIGHTY IN ONE (MIO) • 6. Odour Eliminator • Attacks unwanted odours and quickly neutralizes them. • Some products only mask the foul smell with nice fragrances • but fails to remove the odour. • (SMOKE, BATHROOM ODOURS, FOUL ODOURS ,COOKING ODOURS)

  17. MIGHTY IN ONE (MIO) 6. Odor Eliminator Odor Molecule Attacked Covered Clean Removed

  18. MIGHTY IN ONE (MIO) • 7. Stainless Steel/Metal Cleaner & Polisher • Removes the grease, grime ,dirt, dust on the metals, even stainless steel.(Door Knobs, Handles, Railings, Bed)

  19. MIGHTY IN ONE (MIO) 250 ml Pack MRP: Rs. 160/- DP : Rs. 135/- BV: 95 Product Code: HC 3024 500 ml Refill Pack MRP: Rs. 270/- DP : Rs. 225/- BV: 158 Product Code: HC 2017

  20. MIGHTY IN ONE (MIO) • Caution: • Mild eye and skin irritant. In case of eye contact, flush • with water. • Consult a physician if irritation develops. • In case of ingestion, contact a physician. • Keep out of reach of children.

  21. MIGHTY IN ONE (MIO) • Demonstration 1 • Objective : To show the efficacy of Mighty In One in removing the dirt and neutralizing foul odour. • Items for Demonstration • Mighty in One (250 ml) • Full strength Iodine Solution • Dropper • Transparent Glass • Water • Glass/Acrylic stirrer

  22. MIGHTY IN ONE (MIO) • Take a glass of plain drinking water (250 ml) • Show the audience that it is a drinking water by taking • a sip in front of them. • Put 10 drops of iodine with a dropper and stir • The water in the glass will turn blackish yellow. • Show the colour of the water to the audience let them • smell the same.(water will have iodine smell) • Spray 4- 5 times Mighty In One (MIO) in the water and stir. • See the magic happen. • Water in glass changes its colour from blackish yellow to clear liquid with no iodine smell • What ever smell of iodine is left just in case is because of the residue on the glass.

  23. MIGHTY IN ONE (MIO) • Demonstration 2 • Objective : To show the efficacy of Mighty In One in removing and cleaning the soft stains from the surfaces of the objects without harming them. • Items for Demonstration • Mighty in One (250 ml) • Full strength Iodine Solution • Dropper • Small Towel • Light Coloured Woolen Carpet piece 6 x 6 inch

  24. MIGHTY IN ONE (MIO) • Take a piece of carpet. • Put 5 drops of Iodine with the help of a dropper on the carpet • to make a stain. • Spread the stain with the piece of a towel • Show the stain to the audience. • Spray MIO on the stain 5 times and wait for 3 minutes. • The stain completely vanishes. If some traces of stain is still • seen ,spray again 2-3 times and wait for three minutes. • Show the cleaned carpet piece to the audience. • Best way to remove soft stains from the carpets, upholstery • table tops etc. in your house hold and car.

  25. MIGHTY IN ONE (MIO) Freedom From Dust, Dirt & Germs


  27. MIGHTY IN ONE Gas Stove After Before Bacteria Count reduced from 1932 to 0

  28. MIGHTY IN ONE Dining Table Mats After Before Bacteria Count reduced from 131 to 0

  29. MIGHTY IN ONE Kitchen Slab After Before Bacteria Count reduced from 1166 to 8

  30. MIGHTY IN ONE Chopping Board After Before Bacteria Count reduced from 6197 to 8

  31. MIGHTY IN ONE Chopping Board After Before Cleaner chopping board

  32. MIGHTY IN ONE Gold Bangles After Before Bacteria Count reduced from 268 to 1

  33. MIGHTY IN ONE TV Remote After Before Bacteria Count reduced from 44 to 1

  34. MIGHTY IN ONE Dining Table After Before Bacteria Count reduced from 271 to 1

  35. MIGHTY IN ONE Dining Chair Upper Back After Before Bacteria Count reduced from 52 to 3

  36. MIGHTY IN ONE Significant reduction in Bacteria/Germs count seen with MIO when the items/objects were already earlier cleaned with clean water dampened cloth

  37. MIGHTY IN ONE Mirror after hot shower Not treated with MIO Treated with MIO Significant reduction in Mist

  38. MIGHTY IN ONE (MIO) Freedom From Dust, Dirt & Germs

  39. TESTIMONIALS A powerful product…..

  40. Test 1 : Wooden Surface Before After

  41. My Experience……. As I don't get much time to clean kitchen drawers regularly so I tested Mighty in one on one of the most dirty cabinet, and the result was so effective. The wooden surface was so clean and the best part was it retained the original shine of the surface. 

  42. Test 2: Plastic Switches Before After

  43. My Experience……. People say that these can be cleaned even with detergent or water, I agree but the thing is that you clean them in the morning and by the evening they are dirty again. Like in my study, I switch on and off the lights very frequently so I tested it on the switch board and I don't have to say anything after that. They are shinning like new.

  44. Test 3: Years old rust gone in minutes Before After

  45. My Experience……. Usually we see that the entrance door gate handles or the other ones get rusted due to their exposure to rain. I tested it on one of the tough and years old rust stain and I was amazed because with in minutes of wiping and cleaning it was sparkling clean. I feel so relived and happy that finally something is there which can cut the tough to the toughest rust stains.

  46. Test 4: Artificial Flower came Alive Before After

  47. Test 5: Kitchen Containers…Oh !!! where is the dirty design gone?? Before After

  48. Test 6: Microwave Oven Before After

  49. My Experience……. My Old favorite Microwave got its original color back with Mighty in One. Previously I had to boil water with Soda bicarbonate for 2-3 mins to remove the foul smell inside the micro. But now with MIO spray it’s a 10 seconds job.

  50. Thank You MODICARE, you really CARE for us