uses and benefits of solvent inks n.
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Solvent ink manufacturer

Solvent ink manufacturer

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Solvent ink manufacturer

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  1. Uses and Benefits of Solvent inks Solvent inks are used to print everything from magazines to food packaging and labels, rely on solvents to be applied properly, stay in place, and achieve their vivid colours. At the time of printing, solvents are used to control viscosity and allow flow without damaging printing rollers. The solvent ink promotes the optimal drying for today's high-speed printing presses. The Solvent ink manufacturer of toyoink private limited has various and versatile different solvents meet specific needs to make products with optimal performance attributes which include Flexo solvent-basedink such as flexopak ink series, flexot ink series, flexo freeze ink series, and flexo NC ink series. These inks are made for an excellent performance and flexibility with a glossy look. It has properties of strong adhesion and heat resistance. Solvent ink's major application is in the printing of products that are to be used outdoors because of its ability to adhere to non-absorbent materials. It also has the advantages of being fade proof, waterproof and scratch resistant. These qualities enhance its usefulness in outdoor printing.

  2. The three parts of solvent ink are the carrier fluid, pigment, and resin. Basically, solvent ink refers only to the oil-based carrier portion of the ink that keeps the other components in liquid form and once applied to a surface through jetting dissolves. Next one is pigment which is used to produce color in solvent ink are applied in powder form to produce the best quality colour and they are adhered to the printing materials by means of a resin which both makes the colour stick and protects it from damage. They are also manufacturing the Rotogravure printing inks. They come with different series. They are ALUFOIL ink series, PMG ink series, PMO ink series, POLY PP ink series, PTF ink series, ROROFLOW ink series and UPP ink series. These inks are more flexible for printing. It is high glorified in nature. It is strongly stuck into the material. It is designed for soap resistance and freezes resistance. Website: Phone: +65 68636290 Email: