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  1. J&J T’was the middle of summer 2012 And a lovely sunny and cloudy, windy, warm afternoon, A perfect early August day, And to my delight, I was invited to participate! So pick up my lady dear with her charming brother Brian, Finally the way is clear and we are ready to cheer! To the luxury resort and comfort of the hotel bedroom suite! And then to see the bride to be and next to dress for today’s the wedding you see! So all ready now; Cousin Ben now, helping us out, we ride to the main floor, Walk the garden path towards the people galore! (I know about four...) To see the flowers, soft lights and hear the o so sweet orchestral music! We meet and greet, take our seats and let out that happiness smile with a sigh! And the groom is up at the front, with his brother and mates; the music pauses, the bride is near! And the little ones come out first, a young boy and then a girl, making many women shed a tear. Then the beautiful bridesmaids stroll up and pass by, all mermaid style in lovely turquoise! The bride on her father’s arm and he is nicely vested in Holland orange! O what a lovely gown, jewelled at the core, long train flowing, She smiles, nods to us as she comes up the aisle, all the while glowing, And such a unique lovely, romantic, caring, cheerful and loving ceremony, T’was a first for me, as married by her father-in-law was she.

  2. J and J’s wedding day, it was a memorable delight! Romantic throughout; with an R&R musical exit, it was perfect! Socialize, dinner and many, many happy toasts, O yes and of course sometimes a bit of a ‘roast’. So much family love and energy, A delight to participate! And suddenly a wonderfully perfect harmonica performance, By Grandpa, now in his late 80’s, up he plays, with such great energy! One of the best I’ve heard in a long, long while, a huge applause! Lots of love in the air, as everyone embraced and celebrated J&J’s future! All night long laughter, memories shared; many dances, hugs and kisses. Suddenly late night, a bit more reminiscing as we finally had to go in. Yet listen to the music we did from our hotel room. Watch from above for a short while, until finally we turn in. And fall asleep we both do! In one of those happiest of states, it’s so true. The sound of the late night celebration, Part of our dreams, t’was a great wedding; J&J’s life beginning! Joyous we are for you J&J! We wish you all the best! And every success! And forevermore happiness!