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Social Media Trends: You Like Me, You Really “Like” Me! PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Media Trends: You Like Me, You Really “Like” Me!

Social Media Trends: You Like Me, You Really “Like” Me!

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Social Media Trends: You Like Me, You Really “Like” Me!

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  1. Social Media Trends: You Like Me, You Really “Like” Me! Moderators: Johnny Warren Jeff McMichael Billy Bass

  2. Trending now… • What is social media and why do I want to utilize it? • What platforms are popular and how do they work for my theatre? • Now that I have social media accounts, what do I say to my audience?

  3. What is Social Media?

  4. According to Merriam-Webster… Social media is defined as: Forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content

  5. Break it Down! • Social Sharing • Social Networking • Social News

  6. Wikipedia Says… Social media differentiates from traditional/industrial media in many aspects such as quality, reach, frequency, usability, immediacy, and permanence.

  7. What platforms are popular and how do they work for my theatre?

  8. First up…Facebook!

  9. Show me the facts Founded February 4th, 2004 Over 1.15 BILLION users worldwide 699 million DAILY users 350 million PHOTOS uploaded daily 8.3 hours per MONTH average time spent on Facebook per user Stats from

  10. Then…

  11. …And Now

  12. Let’s get Tweeting

  13. Show me the facts Founded March 21st , 2006 Over 500 MILLION total users 200 Million MONTHLY active users 400 Million tweets sent DAILY 60% of users active on MOBILE Stats from

  14. Why Use Twitter? • “More and more businesses are joining twitter as they’ve realized it is a great way to interact with customers, whether it’s for customer services or promotion. It can attract thousands of new customers to your business, as well as allowing you to receive feedback from existing or new customers” - • Trendier than Facebook • Simplified Messages

  15. Hashtag Video Click link below for Video!

  16. What is a #hashtag? • Hashtags act as a link to other posts that use the same hashtag • Hashtags can be used on Twitter, Instagram, and now Facebook • Use keywords, searchable topics, related content

  17. #instagood #nofilter

  18. Show me the facts Founded October 6th, 2010 150 MILLION monthly active users 7.3 million DAILY active users 40 million PHOTOS posted daily 5 million VIDEOS posted within the first 24 hours of feature availability Stats from

  19. Why Use #instagram? Picture is worth 1,000 words 17% of teens say Instagram is the most important social network, up from 12% in 2012 Recently added video capability Younger generation

  20. Youtube Yourself

  21. Show me the facts Founded February 14th, 2005 Over 1 BILLION total users 4 Billion VIEWS per day 1 Billion MOBILE views per day More than 6 Billion HOURS watched a month Stats from

  22. Why Use Youtube? Video is KING When video is reality, quality is a MUST Embedding videos on websites

  23. Now that I Have Social Media Accounts, what do I say to my audience?

  24. Inforgraphic time To the Charts!

  25. The Answer is…Content Marketing Click link below for Video!

  26. What is Content Marketing? Content Marketing is the practice of creating your own content, whether it be videos, pictures, articles, etc., and distributing that content to your audience with the goal of engaging your followers and inspiring future profitable action. Disclaimer: Content marketing is NOT direct selling of your product!

  27. Stephen Foster Facebook

  28. Stephen Foster Facebook (cont.)

  29. Idaho Shakes Facebook

  30. TUTS Facebook Page

  31. In our ever changing world… • The key is to stay on top of technology. There are over 300 Apps added to smartphone e-stores every day. • Trendy apps come and go, don’t be caught on the “lame train” • Instagram, Vine, Snapchat are popular photo/video apps, but one we’ve started to utilize is Capsule Cam

  32. What is Capsule Cam? Capsule Cam was created for weddings Allows anyone you want to enter a code and start taking pictures Custom codes are now available

  33. That’s all folks! Thank you! #doodah

  34. Stephen Foster on Youtube! Click link below for Video!