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Service Manual

Service Manual. Model : KKT9+. Specification. Method of SW Download. Circuit Description. Trouble Shooting. TEST Mode. Content. * Phone layout * Icons Status of LCD * H/W Features * S/W Features. * Baseband Section * RF Section. * Main Board * Trouble Shooting. Specification.

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Service Manual

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  1. Service Manual Model : KKT9+

  2. Specification Method of SW Download Circuit Description Trouble Shooting TEST Mode Content * Phone layout* Icons Status of LCD* H/W Features * S/W Features * Baseband Section* RF Section * Main Board* Trouble Shooting

  3. Specification * LCD Screen Display : Main : QQVGA 1.8" TFT * Sub LCD Screen Display : N/A * Antenna : internal (900/1800) * Camera: Camera 0.08M

  4. Specification Phone layout -1

  5. Specification Phone layout -2

  6. Specification H/W Features

  7. Specification S/W Features

  8. Circuit Description (Baseband Section) 1.SC6531D(GSM/GPRS Base band Processor)

  9. Circuit Description (Baseband Section) SC6531

  10. Circuit Description (Baseband Section)

  11. Circuit Description (Baseband Section) 5. Audio Front-End Audio Front-End Block Diagram

  12. Circuit Description (Baseband Section) • 6. Radio Interface Control • Baseband Serial Interface • Baseband Parallel Interface • Automatic Power Control (APC) • Unit • Automatic Frequenncy Control • (AFC) Unit Block Diagram of APC unit Block Diagram of the AFC Controller

  13. Circuit Description (Baseband Section) • 7. Baseband Front End • Baseband Serial Ports • Downlink Path (RX Path) • Uplink Path (TX Path) • 8. Timing Gemerator • 9. Power, Clocks Reset • Baseband to PMIC Serial Interface • Clocks • Reset Management

  14. Circuit Description (RF Section) 1. RF7176D (RF PA)

  15. Trouble Shooting

  16. PCB LAYOUT (bot – Reference)

  17. PCB LAYOUT (top – Reference)

  18. Trouble Shooting 1. Power on Repair chart 1. Check VBAT(3.8V) . 2. Check Voltage out . If not ,Check the J1001Defective or Cold solder VSIM 1.8V/3.0V –C312/C355 VCAMIO 2.8V –C809 VCAM-CORE1.8V- C805/C806 VDDIO2.8V- C317 VMEM 1.8 –C320 VDDSD 3V-C356 U201 3. Check the Output TCXO 26MHz If not ,Check the X202 Defective or Cold solder 4. Re download If not . Change CPU (U0100) OCS100 U500 U100

  19. Trouble Shooting 2. LCD Dead Repair chart (1) 1. Check the Connector LCD FPC,LCD If not , Change the F-PCB,LCD 2. Check Voltage out . C705(2.8V)OR LCD 4PIN,5PIN, CON10 U500 U100 3. Check the DB0 ~ DB7Defective or Cold solder and CPU (U0100) Defective.

  20. Trouble Shooting 3. SIM Error Repair chart 1. After insert SIM ,Check the LCD Display. 2. Check the voltage out. CONN. 2, 6 PIN (1.8V/3.0V) If not ,Check the U0100 Defective or Cold solder. U300

  21. Trouble Shooting 4. Melody Dead Repair chart 1. Check the speaker Spring state on Rear Cover If not good, Change the Speaker 2. Check the U0100 CON130

  22. Trouble Shooting 5. Audio Dead Repair chart - (1) 1. Check the MIC600 If not ,Check the MIC600Defective or Cold solder. 2. Check the MICBIAS. R600(1.9~2.3V) If not ,Check the U0100Defective or Cold solder 3. Check the C601, C602 solder state.

  23. Trouble Shooting 6. Vibrator Dead Repair chart 1. Check the Vibrator wire. If not , Re-solder or Change 3. Check the U0100 Signal If not , Change the CPU (U0100) U300

  24. Trouble Shooting 7. Camera Dead Repair chart U300 1. Check the connector state or camera module. If not ,Change the camera module 2. Check the DATE.SR_D0-SR_D7 If not ,Change the U0100 3. Check the voltage. J718 3/10 PIN (2.8V),9PIN (1.8V) If not ,Check the U0100 Defective or Cold solder 4. Change the CPU. U0100

  25. Trouble Shooting 8. T-Flash Card Dead Repair chart • Check the T-Flash connect state. • If notGood, Change the T-Flash connect. • 2. Check the voltage. C356 (3V) • If not ,Check the U0100 Defective or Cold solder • 3. Change the CPU. U0100

  26. Trouble Shooting 9. Charger Dead Repair chart 1. Check the Battery connector state. J1001 If not ,Check the J1001Defective or Cold solder. 2. Check the voltage.C1102 (5.0V) If not ,Check the Q201 Defective or Cold solder 3. Change the CPU. U0100

  27. Debug Code Factory ModeTest : *#7548*#

  28. Debug Code The End Think You

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