templates for power point activities in ks3 russian lessons n.
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Templates for Power Point activities in KS3 Russian lessons PowerPoint Presentation
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Templates for Power Point activities in KS3 Russian lessons

Templates for Power Point activities in KS3 Russian lessons

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Templates for Power Point activities in KS3 Russian lessons

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  1. Templates for Power Point activities in KS3 Russian lessons Supplement to KOMETA

  2. Jumbled up words with answers using typewriter feature

  3. Can you recognise this word before it stops typing? Хорошая погода ооряшаХ гопоад Your answer here Your jumbled word here Идет снег едигстне гроза згора

  4. Match up Russian and English using motion paths

  5. Match up Word in russian1 Word in russian2 Word in russian3 Word in english1 Word in english3 Word in english2

  6. Match up words/phrases with pictures using motion paths Place your pictures over the text boxes so that the number of the text box coincides with the number of the word on the left If the text is too big you can change the size of the font to fit the slide

  7. Match up! Place picture 1 here Place picture 3 here Word 1 Word 3 Place picture 2 here Word 2

  8. Who’s the fastest? with gap fill NB: to make more questions: Copy the question field and place it over the existing question

  9. Я играю (football) Он (plays) на трубе Я играю (trumpet) мы играем (violin) Папа(plays) (football) Я играю в футбол в (park) Мама и брат (don’t play) guitar Во что ты (play) ___ чём ты играешь? Type your question here X X

  10. Who’s the fastest? Students must give you an answer to the question which will appear on the screen. Just replace the existing questions with your own ones.

  11. Кто быстрее? ______ люблю смотреть фильмы в кино (брат) обожает плавать в море ______ нравится смотреть фильмы в кино My sister enjoys spending time with me Раунд 3 Раунд 2 Раунд 1 M Д

  12. Warm up questions

  13. Type your question here Type your question 2 here

  14. Warm up questions with a bomb timer

  15. Type your question here Type your question 2 here

  16. Warm up questions with a bomb timer non-stop

  17. Type your question 1 here Type your question 2 here Type your question 3 here

  18. Conjugation match up Students must say the correct form of the verbs

  19. Match the verb forms я ты он/она мы вы они He/she verb form I verb form They verb form молодцы! WE verb form YOU pl verb YOU verb form

  20. agreements match up Students must say the correct adjeсtive

  21. Match the endings ый ой ая яя ие ые ое ее Adj ending on ОЕ Adj ending on ЯЯ Adj ending on ИЕ Adj ending on ОЙ

  22. БОМБА!

  23. word8 word4 word7 word3 word5 word2 word6 word1 БОМБА! Type your task here EG: • Conjugate these verbs • Give the correct form of the verb • Put these into Dative • Give masculine endings for these words

  24. Humans VS Machines Students must give the correct form of the falling word before the bomb goes off

  25. Conjugate YOUR VERB HERE it before the computer! Он verb вы verb я verb студенты verb они verb ты verb verb verb

  26. Humans VS Machines 2 Give the correct pronoun before the sound goes off

  27. Conjugate YOUR-VERB-HERE before the computer! Он He verb вы You pl verb я I verb студенты They verb они They verb ты You verb Your word Your verb

  28. Who is the fastest writer?Humans VS machines

  29. Кто быстрее ты или компьютер? • Январь • Февраль • Март • Апрель • май • Июнь • Июль • август • Сентябрь • Октябрь • Ноябрь • декабрь

  30. True or False?Competition boys vs girls Press the buzzer first and give your answers

  31. Это кошка! мальчики девочки

  32. Н

  33. Это собака мальчики девочки

  34. П

  35. Odd one out

  36. Что не надо? Word 1 word2 Correct answer word3 Word 1 Correct answer Word 2 Word 3

  37. What’s next? Students must work out the grammatical sequence and complete the pattern

  38. What’s next? Круглое лицо Квадратное окно Длинное слово короткое слово теплое лето ___?____ ___?____ большой нос маленький рот Высокий студент невысокий учитель толстый папа ___?____ ___?____ Большая сестра Маленькая мама глупая студентка Умная учительница худая бабушка ___?____ ___?____ Толстая тетя Худой брат Холодное лето длинные волосы короткие волосы светлые глаза темные глаза черные кошки ___?____ ___?____ Белые кошки

  39. What’s this????reveal the hidden picture

  40. New hangman – staying alive! Students answer TRUE or FALSE If their answer is wrong click on “hangman’s” part of the body you want “amputated” The aim is to stay alive through this task

  41. Правда или неправда? • Your true statement here • Your true statement here • Your false statement here П П Н П

  42. New hangman – surviving a bomb attack! Students must give you an answer to your question before the bomb explodes. They have 6 seconds to do that. If they fail – click on a part of the body to make it disappear

  43. Your question here • Start of the answer 1 • Start of the answer 2 • Start of the answer 3


  45. To reveal the picture stdudents must dictate the words )which you will give them in English) in RUSSIAN to their friend at the board who will connect the dots by pressing the relevant dot on the screen. • Word 1 • Word 2 • Word 3 • Word 4 • Word 5 • Word 6 • Word 7 • Word 8 It’s important to press on the dot, if you press outside the dot’s surface it will not work.

  46. Это ДОМ! Word 4 Word 8 Word 3 Word 1 Word 7 Word 2 Word 5 Word 6

  47. How to order: These and many more templates are available from If you would like to order the full pack with all available templates send us a request at