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Mumbai Agra tour | Travel N Tours India PowerPoint Presentation
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Mumbai Agra tour | Travel N Tours India

Mumbai Agra tour | Travel N Tours India

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Mumbai Agra tour | Travel N Tours India

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  1. MUMBAI  AGRA  TOUR you are heading to India and are bang on ready with your shoes and trunks? Really keyed up for the tour, the journey to the land of sadhus and talismans? But wait, have you planned your trip wisely or will you just go by your instincts? Take every day as it comes, eh?

  2. MUMBAI TOUR Some of the best things that happen to us are foreign trips. India may seem like a talismanic country, with thousands of tales and anecdotes you must have heard of. Right? But is it really a place all about hoodoo and black magic? LOL, that’s not quite the truth. Those are tales you hear from pre-modern days. So, those are dated. The current-day India is very safe, well-organized and with these host of top-class holiday planners offering you plans, you are always in great hands.

  3. This is where your holiday planner comes to your aid. Taj Mahal is an awesome place and not checking it out in its full glory (your tour planner will tell you the best time to visit the Taj, depending on the month of your visit) will be a grave sin. Well, it can be really tough for a European to go about on his own when he is in India. There are people always on the lookout to fleece you. Something that costs a pound will be sold off to you at three pounds. The best thing, therefore, is to book an Agra tour from Mumbai (if your plane drops you to Mumbai) or you can buy a Mumbai Delhi Agra tour package as well (it’s quite worth all your money as you get to explore the vibrant colours of Delhi too).

  4. After all, Mumbai, Delhi and Agra are three mind-numbing destinations. They have plenty of places which are of interest to a tourist in need of heritage and historical sites. After all, if you have come all the way to India, your eyes can be quenched only by the sights of the majestic palaces, the beautiful minarets, the mighty tombs and the eye-popping museums with their artefacts. So, these packages are quite legit, aren’t they?

  5. You don’t need evidence of its beauty (and historicity). Its appeal has been testified by millions of visitors from all parts of the globe. One of the BIG Wonders of the World, its gleaming white (almost spectral) frame glistens in full moon and guards the tombs of Emperor Shah Jahan and his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. It is also one of the best places in the world to take a selfie or a family pic or a couple pic. Pacific, supremely historic.

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