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Hotel Booking Engine, Hotel Booking System

Hotel Booking Engine: http://www.trawex.com/hotel-booking-engine.php We also offer services like hotel reservation system, hotel booking system, hotel booking software, travel portal development, travel website development, travel booking software, web development company, hotel booking, online travel booking, software development, online flight booking, software development company, e commerce websites, online flight ticket booking, online hotel booking, hotel management system, web development company in india, web design company bangalore, hotel management software, hotel booking online. To know more about our products and services, please visit our website: www.trawex.com or email us: contact@trawex.com Please feel free to contact us: US: 1 845 7045 584 UK: 44 70 3192 6740 India: 91 77 600 34 800

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Hotel Booking Engine, Hotel Booking System

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  1. Hotel Booking Engine Secure the expense of our Hotel Reservation System with as low as 16 bookings a month!  Large number of suppliers Over 250,000 genuine hotels Robust B2B system Continuing support The Hotel Booking Engine is one of the highly profitable solution available to you. The margin of profit of B2C is more than B2B. So, the opportunity is massive. Most important factor is correctly combine the appropriate hotel wholesale suppliers with the right distribution capabilities to develop your sales significantly. Regardless if you're searching to integrating a new supplier to your present system, or starting a new hotel booking system we offer more than just technology: We deliver our Hotel Reservation System and Service, by: Consulting on which hotel wholesalers to connect with How to grow your B2B and B2C operations How to choose right technological elements Our significant market understanding, hotel supplier connections, and marketing capabilities are all brought together we enable our customers to achieve success!

  2. B2B Hotel Booking Engine Grow your agent network with the Trawex Hotels B2B Platform. Increase your agent network using the Trawex Hotels B2B Platform. You already have access to numerous inventories and great rates. But will you have the ability to provide safe and controlled access to hundreds of sub agents? Are you able to automate online sales? Are you able to control and limit access to your net rates? You're able to do all this, and more with all the Trawex Hotels B2B Booking Platform. Our agent B2B system was designed to deliver the power to rapidly grow your internet and offline presence completely with multiple user management, advanced mark-up controls, and monitoring across multiple user levels: B2C Hotel Booking Engine Deploy a powerful, customizable booking engine, complete with multi-language capability, customization, and facilitating the full booking process. Easily managed from your B2B system, you can provide any sub agent working on your account with the opportunity to have their very own online booking engine - substantially increasing your market reach, and return on investment. We actually facilitate your direct agreements with hotel wholesalers. Whether you are distributing over B2B, B2C, or B2B2C channels our travel booking software can considerably improve your growing online travel business sales. Trawex is a powerful Hotel booking software. Our Hotels B2B / B2C embodies our idea of not just integrating multiple wholesale suppliers and content suppliers via XML API, but also providing sophisticated management tools, allowing rapid deployment of multiple sub agents and affiliates, each loaded with access to our Hotels B2B system.

  3. Connect to Multiple Suppliers Working with hotel wholesalers provides immediate access to over 200,000 unique accommodations, and enables to get the very best hotel price possible. Each hotel wholesaler specializes in a particular geographical location, or product category. To be able to offer your client the best selection of accommodations, together with most competitive prices, it's necessary to work with several hotel wholesalers. We've integrated 25 (and counting) hotel wholesalers to our system, allowing your direct customers and agents to perform just one search, and instantly access the inventory of multiple suppliers. It's quick and efficient because we also mapped the information of our suppliers leading to no content duplication. Absolutely you don't have to contract all the suppliers. According to nature of organization, business size, and financial capability to establish NET Rate agreements - we consult on the most optimal combination of suppliers that will suit you, and introduce you to the right suppliers for quick turnaround. With several multiple suppliers connected (Transhotel, Tourico, JacTravel, Hotusa, Bonotel, Hotel.do, NTIncoming, ASAlondon, Italcamel, Exclusively Hotels, GTA, Kuoni, GoGlobal, Hotelbeds, Hotelspro, Academservice and many more hotel wholesalers in-line!) giving you a chance to constantly expand your offering. Found an interesting wholesaler you wish to work alongside? We'll have him integrated immediately!

  4. To know more about our products and services, please visit our website: www.trawex.comor email us: contact@trawex.com Please feel free to contact us:US: +1 845 7045 584 UK: +44 70 3192 6740 India: +91 77 600 34 800

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