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Pre Training Prep

Pre Training Prep

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Pre Training Prep

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  1. Pre Training Prep Surace –Smith 2012

  2. Who What When Where How

  3. Who • Director of Training Steve Surace(link to website bio), Son of Jim Surace.Has been involved in all assets of AIL…Public Relations, Agent, Supervising Agent, General Agent, Managing General Agent, Partner SGA, and SGA of Eastern Ohio, Western Pa. Training Director of Surace Smith Since November 2005 • Matt Dahler, Conservation manger. Been with AIL since 2001. • Mike Vasu (link to website bio)- Role Play Supervisor

  4. What you must know to enter training • You must have your Ohio Life and Health license • You must have your Contract turned into Tiffany Zayed (should link to her email). Click here for a contract and a sample contract (should link to ail contract page tiffany will send) • A manager should walk through an entire presentation using the laptop, POS Folder, and Field manual using a basic family example. • You must have seen at least 2 Traditional Family Presentations and 1 referral presentation. Click here for field training report.(should link to field training report I sent) • You must know your entire presentation. To help study here is a link for our Study Guide(should link to study guide I sent) presentation on paper, (should link to presentation on paper I sent) and audio download. (should link to presentations + closes on my computer needs uploaded to web site) Coming Soon Video of Presentation • You must have a laptop Computer with Eapp Installed and working. Click here for instructions on how to download. (instructions how to download come from you) • You must have read the following; Playbook(link to playbook I sent you), Field Manual, and Policy Owner Service Folder (link to pos folder I sent you) prior to training. If you need one please see your manager. Please begin to study the I want to think about it close, I cant afford it close (Sec 5) and The Rated Risk Presentation (Sec 6) Video Coming soon • You must have viewed the following videos; PR intro (link to video on my computer once uploaded to web) and Oral Specimen video (link to video on my computer once uploaded). Coming Soon Videos: History of Surace Smith, Product Knowledge, No-cost Videos, Convention and Bonuses and how you get paid.

  5. Policy Owner Service Folder Right Side AD&D Cert (provided in lead pack) • Child Safe (# based on need) Health Discount Card • Homework Sheet Officer Report Form (2) Freedom Of Choice Certificate (2) • Worksheet • Q&R • What Comes Next form Conditional Receipt • Summary Sheet • Agent Statement (2) Left Side Letter to Dad Strike and Layoff Waiver Policy Service Request Form Change of Bank Info A/H Claim Form Proof of Death Claim Form Outline of Coverage 20U CNM Outline of Coverage Triple A71000

  6. How to install eapp Minimum requirements for laptop (linked to page in this powerpoint or on website) Suggested items that may be helpful (link to suggested items below) How to install (direct them to your set up link) eapp users handbook (link to item I sent you) Laptop training handbook (link to item I sent you) http://aillaptopondemand.comUsername:sales@ailife.comPassword:LaptopNow (case sensitive)

  7. AIL Contract • Contract (should link to contact tiffany will send) • Sample Contract (should link to sample tiffany will send) • Things that must be turned in with your contract • Drivers License • Social Security Card • Resume • Test Scores or insurance License • If you have background issues you will need a written statement (should link to document I sent) and any supporting documentation from the court that resolved the issue. We need Charging and resolution documents.

  8. When • Tuesday 8:30 – 4:00 • Wednesday 8:30 – 4:00 • Thursday 8:30 – 5:00 • Friday 8:30 – 4:00 • 10:30 10 min Break • 12:00 Lunch Break 1:00 hr • 2:30 10 min Break • Do Not Be Late! If you are running behind please txt Steve Surace @ 330-219-0590 no later than 8:15

  9. Where Cleveland (should link to mapquest and address) • Columbus (should link to mapquest and address) • Toledo (should link to mapquest and address) • Cincinnati (should link to mapquest and address) • Dayton (should link to mapquest and address) • Lexington (Coming Soon)

  10. How you should show up • First and foremost make sure you are on time and prepared. Excited, Well Rested, good attitude and ready to learn! • You must bring the following to training; • Laptop with Eapp installed (should link to how to install EAPP page) • POS Folder properly built (should link to POS Folder Page) • Training Manual (Play Book) • Field Manual (Hour Power Book) • Training Powerpoint(should link to current powerpoint) • Black Pens • Field training report (should link to Field training report) Proper Dress Code: Acceptable, Collard Shirts, Slacks, Dress Shoes. Not Accepted Jeans, shorts, tennis shoes, t-shirts.