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  1. 1968 • Vietnam: Tet Offensive • LBJ:“I will not seek…” • Assassination:Martin Luther King • Assassination: Robert F. Kennedy • Caught on TV: Violence at the Democratic Nat’l. Convention

  2. The Tet Offensive: Jan. 1968 • Tet is the Vietnamese New Year. A temporary cease-fire was to take place…it didn’t. • In January, the No. Vietnamese launched attacks on U.S. bases and over 40 cities in the South • The U.S. base at Khe Sanh was under siege for weeks • In the end, the Americans held onto the South…a tactical victory BUT Americans watching on TV could see that the War was not going as they’d been led to believe

  3. March, 1968…LBJ Quits! Exhausted and dispirited by 2 wars (Vietnam and the War on Poverty)that were not going well, by increasing unrest at home…by an America that was becoming increasingly more divided, LBJ chose NOT to run for re-election: American Rhetoric: Lyndon Baines Johnson -- On Vietnam and Not Seeking Reelection (Click link and scroll down a bit for video)

  4. Martin Luther King Sanitation workers in Memphis went out on strike…MLK went there to support them He was shot to death by James Earl Ray 100 American cities erupted in violence Martin Luther king assassination - YouTube

  5. Still another American hero gunned down: RFK LBJ’s decision NOT to run left the door wide open for the Democrats…who would they run in 1968? Bobby Kennedy saw his opportunity and announced his candidacy. On the campaign trail in Los Angeles, he was gunned down in the Ambassador Hotel by Sirhan Sirhan: Robert Kennedy's assassination - YouTube

  6. And more demonstrations: • Chicago, 1968: • The Democratic National Convention • DNC: met in Chicago to choose a presidential candidate • Anti-war demonstrators came from all over the nation to stage a massive protest • Chicago Mayor Richard Daly vowed to keep law ‘n order “in my town…” • Here’s what happened: A look back at the 1968 Democratic Convention - YouTube

  7. The Republican Nat’l. Convention • Chose Richard M. Nixon as their man

  8. The Republican Nat’l. Convention • Nixon campaigned on a pledge to end the Vietnam: “peace with honor” • Nixon appealed to the older generation (the “Silent Majority”) on his promise to bring law and order back to America • Nixon won the election and took the oath of office in January, 1969

  9. Summary • The year was one of the most trying in U.S. history. The very fabric of the country seemed to be coming apart. • Go to my webpage for the 3rd of 3 slide shows on the unit.