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Tribus Homes - Custom Built Homes Toronto PowerPoint Presentation
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Tribus Homes - Custom Built Homes Toronto

Tribus Homes - Custom Built Homes Toronto

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Tribus Homes - Custom Built Homes Toronto

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  1. TRIBUS HOMES Trusted Luxury Home Builders

  2. ABOUT US • Designing and building team at Tribus Homes offers 50 years of experience in Southern Ontario’s home building industry. Our numerous projects range from master planned communities to multi-million dollar homes and everything in between. We are the master architects who hold expertise in transforming any project into an energy saving investment.

  3. Our Services • Custom Homes • Project Management • Land Development

  4. Custom Homes At Tribus Homes we work with our clients to completely understand their vision. Once we understand their requirements our team team immediately gets to work to design your dream home. All you need to do is name your requirements and budget and we make it possible. Whether it’s a well-lit economical green home, a gourmet kitchen, or a home office we will make it happen. We provide custom design solutions that seamlessly work around your land, budget and investment goals Working with Tribus Homes you will not have to worry or have to deal with separate consultants and trades. We are your dedicated point of contact and will complete the your projects in time forecasted and to not exceed your budget. When we say custom homes that’s exactly what you get.

  5. Project Management • Your home should look exactly like the way that you want it to without conflict or confusion. However, sometimes that home that you purchased needs some alterations before it looks the way that you want it to look. Or. your home used to look just the way you wanted you simply have changed your mind or time has turned it into the lackluster version of what it once was. At Tribus Homes, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the home that they deserve to have. In Toronto, there is no shortage of beautiful homes, it is time to make your home beautiful in your eyes as well. Contact Us so we can show you why we are considered the best Project Management Team in Toronto.

  6. Land Development If you own a sizeable piece of land, we have what it takes to turn it into a good investment. As more and more people see the benefit of capitalization on the increasing popularity of an inner-metropolitan address with low-maintenance living, they turn to Tribus Homes to help them build lucrative individual residences on the land they own. We specialize in land development and have worked with many clients to design multi-residential complexes on their sizeable land and built it out for them.

  7. GET IN TOUCH WITH US 4646 Dufferin Street,Suit 6, Toronto, ONM3H 5S4 416-645-0565