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Oil Tank

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Oil Tank

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  1. We Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, we are a proficient and professional company who believe in excellent customer service and quality products with a trusted track record. Specialized logistics For those difficult to reach places, unusual cargo loads and sizes and those not so straight forward logistic nightmares, we leverage our expert knowledge, experience and industry connections to provide consultancy and actual solutions. We try to turn your nightmare into less of an issue and solve your problems. Procurement outsourcing Time is money. Perhaps your company's time can be more efficiently spent by focusing on other areas of your project. Let us do the leg work by using our industry experts, contacts and experience to offer you a range of products that meet your needs, technical requirements and budget. Also allow us to suggest better options. Specialized Vehicle Outfitting Together with our quality equipment, accessories and partners, we are able to cater to a range of vehicle makes (such as Toyota, Land Rover, Nissan) and project roles from Aid & Development to peace keeping missions. We are able to cater to demanding time lines and are strategically position in Dubai to supply to many parts of the world.

  2. Our collection of products is catering to the Military, Humanitarian, Oil & Gas and Commercial industries. Below is the list of products we have on offer: Military Fueling Systems Helicopter Operations Bladder Tanks Onion Tanks Pump Systems Jerry Cans Water and Sanitation Phase Change Material Vehicle equipment and accessories

  3. Contact us: Tridentech General Trading LLC Plaza Tower 1, Emaar Boulevard Dubai United Arab Emirates Email: Tel 01: + 97150 455 1826 Tel 02: + 97150 554 8255