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Best Broadband Service Near Me with Gigabit Speed

Today’s era where time is money, you can’t think of life without the use of internet. Get internet service with gigabit speed visit tripleplay broadband.

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Best Broadband Service Near Me with Gigabit Speed

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  1. www.tripleplay.in

  2. About Us • Always Hoping to build a long term partnership with our customers • Introduction • We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the Fiber to the home (FTTH) Service provider Company through GPON Technology (Fiber to the Home). Our organization known as 'Computerized Fiber Internet' is giving services like Digital Cable TV,IP TV, Basic Telephone, High speed web and VoIP in Delhi NCR and some of other city's of Haryana and furthermore Ghaziabad (UP) and other city's of North India. • Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON) provides a capacity boosts in both the aggregate transfer speed and data transmission productivity using bigger, variable-length bundles in PON innovation. www.tripleplay.in | +91 9308080808 | customercare@tripleplay.in

  3. https://www.tripleplay.in/ • Understand the Difference Internet Lease Lines and Broadband Services

  4. Most popular mediumfor the users to access the internet at home • There are many ways in which you can access the web world. Since its inception, internet has gone through various technologies and techniques therefore time to time people use various methods to access the internet. • If you look at the present scenario, you will find that broadband is the most common and popular medium for the users to access the internet at home but when it comes to accessing the web world at hospitals, corporate offices, schools & colleges, internet leased lines are considered as the best medium for the same. www.tripleplay.in | +91 9308080808 | customercare@tripleplay.in

  5. Now understand • the difference between internet lease lines and broadband services in brief: • Internet lease lines • A leased line connection, also known as an ethernet leased line, is symmetric telecommunications circuit that connects two locations for private voice. It is a dedicated connection that mainly runs on fiber optic network. The best thing with this connection is that you will always get symmetrical and faster uploading and downloading speed. Another quality or advantage with this line connection is that you will get a fixed bandwidth on your connection means you don’t need reliant on other users. • Broadband Services • On the other hand, broadband is a non-dedicated connection that has a wide band of frequencies for transmit data between the service provider and your premises. With this connection type, you will get faster downloading speed but comparatively slower upload speed. The experience can be varied from one user to other user. www.tripleplay.in | +91 9308080808 | customercare@tripleplay.in 5

  6. Key Difference between both the Services Connection 1 There are many ways to connect Speed 2 The speed always varies from user to user Reliability 3 You can’t work properly if your web connection is not working properly Bandwidth Options 4 Diverse options of bandwidth available

  7. Connection • There are many ways to connect • There are many ways to connect both leased line and broadband connections to one’s premises. As both the connections run on cable therefore main difference lies on how these connections transfer the data. Users usually get web access from their system cabinet when a line or connection attached to it via cable or wireless network. It can be connected to the cabinet via copper or fiber cable. • It simply means that a series of cables can be used in both the connections to provide internet to the users. However in broadband services, cables are divided or spread one premise to other to provide web access whereas in leased line connection, a dedicated cable with fixed bandwidth used to provide web connection at your premises. There has no sharing with leased line connection by any means. • Series of cables can be used www.tripleplay.in | +91 9308080808 | customercare@tripleplay.in

  8. Speed • The speed always varies from user to user • As cables are split in broadband connection, the speed always varies from user to user. More the people start using the broadband connection in your locale, the speed eventually comes down. For example, if you are getting top speed of 80 Mbps but if more people or users get connected to the broadband connection of same service provider then the speed significantly comes down. • Most of you have witness this issue during peak hours. On the other hand, there is no such issue with leased line connection as it has a fixed bandwidth for you. If you are getting 50 Mbps speed here, then you will get the same throughout the day. • Issue during peak hours www.tripleplay.in | +91 9308080808 | customercare@tripleplay.in

  9. Reliability • You can’t work properly if your web connection is not working properly • You can’t work properly if your web connection is not working properly. In case the connection speed is on the slower side, your work will surely suffer a lot. Therefore it is important to understand Service Level Agreements (SLAs). • Many ISPs won’t inform you about it but you should ask them to mention this in your connection contract or agreement highlighting that any issue related to broadband connection be it technical or speed related should be resolved in quick time. However, you will get SLAs with leased line connection that promises you to provide you more reliability with prompt service. • Important for users www.tripleplay.in | +91 9308080808 | customercare@tripleplay.in

  10. Bandwidth Options • Diverse options of bandwidth available • There are diverse options of bandwidth available with a leased line connection whereas choices are become quite limited when it comes to broadband connection. So explore all options to meet your requirements. • So explore all options www.tripleplay.in | +91 9308080808 | customercare@tripleplay.in

  11. Contact Us • Galleria Market Basement, DLF Phase-IV, Gurgaon-122009 • tripleplaybroadbandpvtltd • Tripleplay2017 • customercare@tripleplay.in • +91 9308080808

  12. Thank You for Watching! • Any Questions? Tripleplay Broadband Pvt. Ltd. Galleria Market Basement, DLF Phase-IV, Gurgaon-122009www.tripleplay.in | +91 9308080808 | customercare@tripleplay.in

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