the newest mall coming up in dubai next year n.
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The Newest Mall coming up in Dubai next year! PowerPoint Presentation
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The Newest Mall coming up in Dubai next year!

The Newest Mall coming up in Dubai next year!

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The Newest Mall coming up in Dubai next year!

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  1. The Newest Mall coming up in Dubai next year! Dubai is a destination that will never cease to surprise. To add on to every amazing Dubai attractions that already exist, here are the plans for a grand mall that is due to open in the year 2020. Read ahead to know more and know what to expect! This mall sounds nothing lesser than a dream with a crystal lagoon water park, a grand ski slope and a380-metre long dancing fountain! It is also rumored that the Meydan One mall will be home to Dubai’s first indoor electric go-kart track. This Dubai tourist attraction will span a huge area of 1.5 million square metres. Dubai is a land that will never short of things to do or malls to go to, will simply be taken to a whole new context with the welcoming of the Meydan One Mall. The place will also be home to an assortment of facilities of entertainment in addition to the above-mentioned ones and will also be home to a selected collection of restaurants. You can expect this grand mall to open itself up during the second half of 2020, just in time for the expo 2020 which will take Dubai by the storm next year. The facilities

  2. As mentioned earlier, the Meydan One mall comes with a crystal lagoon. This will span a long 500 meters of beaches alongside a waterpark and fountain. The electric go-karting track will also be huge and the first of its kind, a 4000 squaremeter space for pure fun. The mall is also aimed at being environmentally friendly and hence reducing the usage of energy even on the go-karting track. Do not forget to add this to your list of Best Dubai attractions that you’d like to visit. A vast 46000 square meters of space will be fully developed into a zone of unlimited entertainment and sports. The mall will also hold a multipurpose plaza that can hold up to 30000 people where you can expect a multitude of events and performances to be held. Are you excited about this new attraction that will take Dubai by storm? We definitely are! Book ahead the best Dubai packages to ensure you do not miss a visit to this wonderful place! Keep traveling and explore with no regrets!