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The Challenge

The Challenge

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The Challenge

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  1. Experts Address Series (2003-04) Peter Olaf Looms The Challenge to universities servicing the private sector and meeting societal obligations

  2. Full-time consultant at DR public service broadcaster “to inform, educate and entertain” Strategic planning, mainly digital TV and broadband Teach postgraduate courses in format development and strategic issues related to digital content the University of Hong Kong the IT-University of Copenhagen INA (National Audiovisual Institute, Paris, France) Institute of Interactive Digital TV Research, Murdoch University, Perth, Australia (October/November 2004) Altid Sport Who I am and what I do

  3. Returning to a previous presentation...

  4. The structure of my presentation • The context - DR and ITU • The current political debate about education as a long-term investment for economic growth • The response from universities and companies

  5. The context Denmark My two employers: DR (Danish Broadcasting) ITU (IT University of Copenhagen)

  6. The Context DENMARK • 5.4 million people • 44,00 square km • GNP per capita of USD 43,000 (2003)at current rate • Ranks 5th on IT world list (Hong Kong is 16th) • 5 multi-faculty universities • 11 specialist universities • ITU, the IT University of Copenhagen is one of them

  7. DR Danish Broadcasting Corporation Founded in 1925 3,300 staff Annual operating budget HKD 4.4 billion Funded by broadcast licence 2 TV channels Market share 38% 10+ radio channels Interactive media & services: TTV, WWW, mobile, DTV, wireless… The Context

  8. ITU The IT University of Copenhagen Established by Danish Folketing in April 1999 - opening its doors in August 1999 Students 2001 = 428 2003 = 627 person-years (15% below target) Full-time staff 2001 = 37 person-years 2003 = 82 person-years excluding external lecturers (part-time) Annual operating budget n.a. Postgraduate and PhD only The Context

  9. The current political debate Education as an investment for long-term economic growth

  10. Denmark survives on its brains Knowledge society successes in the last few decades: • 50% of world market for synthetic insulin • 35% of world market for replaceable energy (windmills) • One or two major successes in digital content (IO Interactive) • Start-ups such as GIGA, Maconomy and Radiometer sold to INTEL, Microsoft for between 3-5 billion HKD each

  11. Denmark survives on its brains Knowledge society problems in recent years: • Sales of IT and biotech start-ups ultimately lead risk of R&D going offshore to where the owners live • Low underlying proportion of population skilled and willing enough to set up their own companies with high R&D profile • Paying more than lip-service to life-long learning and offering relevant opportunities for upgrading human resources in the labour market to nurture innovation and growth (MMD, thruput, too few PhDs)

  12. Denmark survives on its brains Knowledge society problems in recent years: • Government increasing spending on higher education and at the same time making cuts • Ill-defined expectations about investment in education and economic growth • Exhortations to become a major player in niche areas of digital entertainment - does it sound familiar?

  13. The response Visions and Realities

  14. Minister of Science, Chairman of Managing Technology & Innovation the Board Director September 26 2003: ITU received the University Start-up Award

  15. Statistics about innovators at ITU • 11.5% of students go into business while still studying at ITU • An additional 27% are planning this on graduation • Potential of 38.5% of which just over half is currently realised

  16. Strengths and weaknesses at ITU • Realignment of research to focus on fewer strategic areas in larger teams now working • Good links with industry (could be even better in some fields; also teaching) • Management and growth • Weaknesses in teaching & learning provisions for mature students (culture, taught courses, performance criteria) • Weaknesses as regards links with other universities (need to work closer with business schools?)

  17. Can no longer deliver on 6-8% productivity growth per annum just by working harder • Moving DR to a new greenfield site • ”DR Byen” - the DR Media Village • WE move as one of the last in 2006

  18. DR City /BR Byen

  19. Burning our bridges to ensure improved flexibility and the ability to cope with change in 21st Century

  20. Tango Dancers or a Ménage a Trois?

  21. Discussion