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  1. Recommended Auto Lenders if You Have Good Credit CarsDirect If you want an easy auto loan provider that can cater to all your needs then CarsDirect is for you. They are a one-stop-shop and have helped over 5 million customers in nearly 20 years. The application process is extremely simple and can be completed in less than 60 seconds. On submission of the application you shall get multiple loan options from various lenders. This is extremely beneficial as it helps you compare multiple loan products with just one application. Getting contacted by various lenders might be a little frustrating, however it works out in your favor as there is actually no limit on borrow amount through CarsDirect. You can even purchase a new car through CarsDirect. They have ties with multiple lenders that allow you to find an auto loan product that completely matches your criteria. Benefits of Choosing CarsDirect for an Auto Loan · No-fee service There is no fee that you have to pay. CarsDirect earns via the lenders who want to be part of the network. · More flexible lenders You can always find better terms and negotiating room with a dealership as compared with traditional lenders who are with credit unions and banks. · Can save you time Finding lenders that offer decent deals on bad-credit loans can be a highly time consuming process. With CarsDirect you can save up massive amounts of time. · Even bad credit is OK There is no hard credit check carried out by lenders. Your auto loan terms and rates are decided on your monthly expense and debt-to-income ratio. MyAutoLoan If you are looking for something that is a straightforward plan like refinancing an existing loan, purchasing a third party loan or getting a lease buyout then MyAutoLoan is your go-to option as they have many different kinds of loan products. There are a number of interesting handy tools like interest rate charts that are provided by MyAutoLoan to make comparing and choosing a loan product easy. A customized interest rate on basis of your zip code, credit score, loan amount, and category can be found which proves useful in calculating the budget amount for a new car. Please visit us to have the best deal for you here: lenders-online-2018