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University of Southern California

Outsourcing Student Email at USC Institute for Computer Policy and Law Cornell University, August 2008 Asbed Bedrossian Director of Enterprise Applications and Operations University of Southern California. University of Southern California. Los Angeles Private university 19-20 schools

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University of Southern California

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  1. Outsourcing Student Email at USCInstitute for Computer Policy and LawCornell University, August 2008Asbed BedrossianDirector of Enterprise Applications and OperationsUniversity of Southern California

  2. University of Southern California Los Angeles Private university 19-20 schools 33,000 students 13,000 faculty and staff 250,000+ alumni

  3. USC IT Model A balanced Federated IT model Central IT - Enterprise services, stability USC Network (wired, wireless) Central Email Course Management - Blackboard Identity Management Campus-wide technology enhanced user rooms Infinitely more… School IT groups - local applications, agility Any services the school needs or wants to pay for locally

  4. Google App Initiative & Timeline CTO of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Vice Provost for Undergraduate Programs Program directors of the Writing program Identified student need for an enhanced communication and collaboration platform that would allow working with each other and more effectively developing their writing and student portfolios. Document sharing, calendaring, chat, ePortfolios, and googols of email space! CTO TEL contacts Google in January 2007 Google presents at USC in February 2007 CIO and CTO TEL present to the university president and board of trustees in June 2007 Two pilot projects were initiated: The USC Gould school of law The Viterbi school of engineering Pilots deemed success, went into production in Fall Semester ‘07 Central IT tasked to bring service to all students in Spring 2008

  5. Google App Technical Timeline Central IT provided a requirements builder document - May 2007 Central IT provided a requirements document - August 2007 A leadership stakeholder meeting was held to discuss requirements - October 2007 Central IT assigned a PM, assembled a project team and started development Service Launch was set to January 16, 2 days into the Spring ‘08 start. Requirements continued to change until January 15, 2008 “Google Apps @ USC” launched on January 16, 2008 Over 11,000 have opted in, out of a potential 37,000 - August 2008

  6. Google App Considerations User Interface Opt-in Activation application Population scope Anyone registered in a USC registrar course Applications in the USC service Web & non-web apps & protocols Promotion & branding “Email for life” Privacy and Compliance Protected data release Discovery Confidentiality (FERPA) Security Protecting the USC Single Sign-on (SSO) password

  7. Google App considerations (Cont’d - yawn) Integration into the USC IT infrastructure Activation application (Opt in) Mail routing Persistent ID Single Sign-on (Shibboleth 2.0) Helpdesk workflow (who supports what) Student account lifecycle & governance

  8. Demo Activation Application Review privacy information Create “Google” password Choose email forwarding Login Password management http://getgoogle.usc.edu/ myUSC campus portal Offers SSO umbrella http://my.usc.edu/ Google apps - http://ga.usc.edu/ Enterprise password management Central IT (ITS) helpdesk support http://www.usc.edu/its/google/

  9. Google App outlook Existing email content migration (from USC to Google) Account lifecycle governance & technology Account terminations Alumni accounts Google API More customized School domains Employees No current plans to outsource faculty and staff email service Some pressure building to facilitate faculty and staff collaboration with students in Google Apps.

  10. Learning from Experience Governance, governance, governance! Get the governance down. Email outsourcing is much more an exercise in figuring out the governance of all aspects than a technical project. Identify the stakeholders, and bring them to the table OFTEN! Study the institutional need Evaluate benefits vs. risks Document institutional and personal risk assessment Formally document requirements Agility Be prepared for changes, updates and Web 2.0!

  11. Q & A Asbed Bedrossian <asbed@usc.edu>

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