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Manual can be downloaded from TCL’s website: PowerPoint Presentation
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Manual can be downloaded from TCL’s website:

Manual can be downloaded from TCL’s website:

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Manual can be downloaded from TCL’s website:

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  1. Manual can be downloaded from TCL’s website: click Learn tab, Workshops & Tutorials Madeleine MundtIT ManagerTeton County Library125 Virginian Lane, PO Box 1629Jackson, WY 83001307-733-2164

  2. Build your own self-checker in 8 easy steps What you’ll need: Internet connection CPU with mouse and keyboard Touch Screen monitor Receipt printer SIP2 connection Sirsi Symphony

  3. We start with installing the WAMP server. Log in as Administrator on the CPU you will be using as a self-checker. 1 Right click 1d 1a 1e 1b 1c 1f

  4. 1g 1j 1h 1k 1i 1l

  5. When you click Finish you should end up back on your desktop. Right Click on the “My Computer” icon and select Explore. Right click 1o 1m Go to C:\wamp and right click on the “www” folder. Right click 1n 1p

  6. 1q You will be doing this step 2x. Once for each of the php.ini files 1r Right click

  7. 1s

  8. Delete the semi-colon at the beginning of this line. Then select File \ Save to set the change. Follow steps 1r-1u for the second php.ini file found in the search at step 1q. 1u 1t

  9. 2 Start the WAMP server you just installed. 2a 2c 2d 2b

  10. 2e Right click 2f

  11. 2g Right click 2h

  12. 3 1. Download the Open-Source Self-checker software 3a 3b

  13. 3c 3d Go to your Desktop and Right Click on the file Right click

  14. 3e Rename the extracted folder “selfcheck” Accept the defaults 3f Right click Go to your Desktop to the “shortcut to www” folder Move the “selfcheck” folder 3g Right click Right click

  15. 4 1. Setup the Open-Source Self-checker software with your Library’s information 4a C:\WAMP\www\selfcheck Right click

  16. 4b Should be something like ‘’ Should be something like “6001” Our State Library manages our SIP2. They set up our SIP2 connection with Sirsi and gave us the user name and password. They also entered our firewall IP into the SIP2 connection. 4c Further down is the language that appears on the actual self-checker (what the patron sees). Start by adding your Library’s name! Keep the quotes! For example, we are: $library_name = “Teton County Library”;

  17. 5 1. The Open-Source Self-checker software runs though Firefox Portable. Set up . . . 5a Go to C:\WAMP\www\SelfCheck Click on the file called Firefox Portable and DRAG it to the C:\ then let go. The file is now moved to your C:\ drive. C:\WAMP\www\SelfCheck Open C:\FirefoxPortable Right click on FirefoxPortable.exe Select COPY from the drop down list 5b Right click

  18. Setting Security levels . . . We’re pasting the shortcut to Firefox Portable in the Startup menu for all users. 5f Right click Right click STARTUP 5c 5g 5d Right click in this white area The Firefox shortcut appears 5e

  19. 6 1. Install QuickTime from We uncheck these two but you do as your library pleases. 6b 6a Turn off auto-updates in two locations. 6c

  20. 6f 6d 6g 6e

  21. 7 Install a delayer so the self-checker interface does not attempt to start until the computer is started up. 7a Right click

  22. Accept the defaults 7b

  23. 7c Click on this red triangle to activate 7d 7e

  24. 8 Set up the Self-Checker patron interface 8a 8c 8b Press F11 to get out of Full Screen and see the address bar and menus. F11

  25. 8d 8e 8g 8f

  26. 8h 8i

  27. You should be ready to go! When you first logon to the Self-Checker you will see the Firefox delay progress bar. If you need to bypass the full screen Patron view click or hit F11.

  28. EXTRAS: Follow TCL’s setup and save yourself the trouble. Touch Screen monitors: ( MicroTec 3M M150 = $650 Scanner: ( = $300 Metrologic QuantumT MS3580 Datalogic 1000i How-To sheet: = FREE (page following) Receipt Printer: ( Star TSP100 or Epson T88 = $400 CPU: We used retired CPUs, just cleaned them up a bit = FREE

  29. Self-Checker Scan the barcode on the BACK of your library card. 2. Scan the barcodes on the FRONT of the library materials.