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New Clerk Academy

New Clerk Academy

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New Clerk Academy

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  1. New Clerk Academy Tallahassee, Florida

  2. The Legislative Process The Honorable Karen Rushing Fred Baggett Gus Corbella The role of clerks and your lobby team in tallahassee

  3. Role of the Clerk in the Legislative Process • Importance of relationship with your local delegation *Notify the FCC team of any special relationships you may have with legislators or key decision makers. • Sharing of information/coordination with FCCC Legislative Committee & Karen • Participation during Weekly WebEx conference calls • Participation during Clerks’ Legislative Day at the Capitol

  4. Role of Your Legislative Lobby Team • Monitor and advocate for legislative priorities with legislators and key staff. • Work closely with FCCC and Karen during the Session. • Update Clerks during weekly WebEx conference calls. • Respond to individual concerns and local priorities.

  5. Legislative Process • Read bills and mark for a Master Clerk List • Track committee meetings • Attend or monitor pertinent meetings • Survey Clerks on issues as they arise • Prepare materials for the Legislative chair • Provide fiscal and operational impacts on bills • Answer calls from Legislative staffers, agency legislative liaisons or other lobbyists on impact of bills • Help organize and staff weekly Legislative WebEx conference calls • Write advisories on bills • Write and publish and “end of Session” wrap-up report

  6. Coordination with Communications Team • Work closely with Bascom Communications on: • Editorial Board meetings – help to set our legislative agenda with your local media. Build momentum for our issues during the Session. • Legislative Outreach – notes of congratulations on your behalf to all members of the Legislature • Monitor media clips during Session • Prepare press releases and press conferences, as necessary

  7. Coordination with Stakeholders • Legislative team works closely during the Session with: • The Courts • Public Defenders • State Attorneys • Clerks of the Courts Corporation (CCOC) • Law Enforcement

  8. Some Words of Wisdom • Actions have consequences. Please coordinate with your mentor before speaking with any elected officials. • There is a history of problems which resulted from a lack of coordination: • Two major counties– well intentioned and justified issues, but it blindsided the legislative team and caused concerns. • Don’t oversaturate elected officials with your support. Chits are limited. Spend them wisely. • Know your message and state it clearly and simply. Legislative talking points will help keep all clerks “on message”. Important to coordinate all legislative issues through your legislative lobby team.

  9. Important Legislative Dates • Legislative Committee weeks: Weeks of Dec. 3rd, Jan. 14th, Jan. 21st, Feb. 4th, Feb. 11th, Feb. 18th • First Day of Session: March 5th • Last Day of Session: May 3rd • We will hold regular WebEx conference calls to keep you informed of developments.

  10. Elected Officials and Committees of Importance • Governor Rick Scott • Senate President Don Gaetz • Speaker Will Weatherford • Senate Appropriations Chairman Joe Negron • House Appropriations Chairman Seth McKeel • Senate Judiciary Chairman Tom Lee • House Judiciary Chairman Dennis Baxley • Senate Criminal & Civil Justice Appropriations Chairman Rob Bradley • House Justice Appropriations Chairman Charles McBurney

  11. Issues of Importance to the Clerks • Past Issues: history of funding debate • Upcoming Session issues: 1. County Clean Up Bill 2. Funding Bill 3. Appropriations

  12. Key Points to Take Away • Communication and coordination with your legislative team are key and prevent problems from developing. • Session is a “process”. Things will change day to day, week to week. • Your local relationships with legislators are important. • Know your message and state it concisely.

  13. On Behalf of your Legislative Lobby Team Thank you!