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Personal Financial, Small Business & Retirement Planning PowerPoint Presentation
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Personal Financial, Small Business & Retirement Planning

Personal Financial, Small Business & Retirement Planning

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Personal Financial, Small Business & Retirement Planning

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  1. Personal Financial, Small Business & Retirement Planning As Tax, Financial & Business Consultants, Castillo’s INC can assist you in protecting your money from current taxes by using tax saving strategies “We work with our clients to reduce their income taxes and increase their retirement income” Call or email us when you’re ready to put your Tax & Financial needs in the hands of someone you can trust. (830)374-5129,cl# (830)374-7338 email

  2. Tax Professional Service for Small & Home-Based Business • Most people want to work with a local home-based tax pro, but it is far more important to have the right tax pro, than to have one right next door • With the use of phone, email, faxes, websites, overnight delivery, etc. it is very easy to communicate with anyone, anywhere • Having said that, as Tax Pros we have the experience in the area of home-based business tax law • Call: David S Castillo at (830)374-5129 , cl#(830)374-7338 or email for a free consultation • Visit us at

  3. Help with your IRS Problems Are You ….. • Stuck in a tax situation that won’t go away? • Confronted with a “simple problem”, but don’t know what to do? • An honest taxpayer who wants to keep “off the IRS radar screen? • A “fixer” who wants to help a friend with a tax problem? • Needing help with your State return? • If so Call David S Castillo to handle it for you! (830) 374-5129 or cl#(830)374-7338 fax (830)374-3961 email

  4. Tax Saving Strategies for Small & Home-Based Businesses • Learn what tax breaks are available to qualified home-based business owners. • Qualifying simply requires you to: Run your business on a regular & consistent basis, and trying to make a profit and keep good records • Once qualified, tax breaks come from deductions for utilities, rent, furniture, cars, travel, supplies, home office, etc.

  5. Using Your Home as a “Principle Place of Business” • Having a home office allows you to convert previously non-deductible personalexpenses into tax-deductible business expenses • This includes mortgage or rent, utilities, security alarm, house cleaning, major repairs & much more! • These tax breaks qualify if the Home office is used Regularly & Exclusively for business.

  6. More Home-Business Tax Savings Almost all business expenses are 100% deductible! Such as: Promotional materials, product samples, meeting attendance, internet access fees, cellular phones, fax lines, 800-numbers,printing costs, postage, business cards, etc.!!! Your biggest deduction may be your vehicle ! Keep a log of your trips, showing Date, Destination, Primary Purpose & Starting/Ending Odometer readings for each trip. Note: Even if you combine a personal errand with a necessary business errand & the personal errand does not add any additional mileage to the trip, its deductible!!! Tax law gives you a choice of methods of figuring your deduction. Figure it both ways, & use the one that benefits you the most!!!

  7. Health-related expenses can be deductible • Most taxpayer can deduct only cost that exceed 7.5% of taxable income; so most taxpayer can’t deduct anything!! • Except you!!, If your married & hire you spouse in your business, you can provide - an Employee Benefit- reimbursement for all health related costs not covered by any other insurance plan. • For Employee (spouse) & the Kids!! Coverage includes annual deductibles, co-pays, non-covered expenses like orthodontics, & even over the counter drugs.

  8. Hire your children in your business • If you have children 11 to 19 year olds & employ him/her in your home business • They are not subject to child labor laws, • No payroll withholding is required, • The cost is 100% deductible to you as business expense • The income is 100% tax-free to the child

  9. Retirement Planning • Set up a SEP Simplified Employee Plan, IRS allows you to set aside up to 25% of your business earning into a SEP/IRA • “Maximize Your Pension” thru Life Insurance & a “Living Trust” “We strive to maintain client satisfaction by maintaining close relationships & providing them with timely and useful financial guidance” Castillo’s INC : David S Castillo 815 Evans St / PO Box 46 Crystal City, Texas 78839 (830)374-5129,cl#(830)374-7338