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Mickey Fan Java Architect,Technical Operations PowerPoint Presentation
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Mickey Fan Java Architect,Technical Operations

Mickey Fan Java Architect,Technical Operations

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Mickey Fan Java Architect,Technical Operations

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  1. Sun ONE Studio 4 Mobile Edition Mickey Fan Java Architect,Technical Operations Sun Certified Java Programmer, Developer and Architect Sun Certified Solaris 8 System & Network Administrator Sun Certified Web Component Developer for J2EE Platform Sun Certified Developer Sun ONE Application Server 6.0 Sun Microsystems of California Ltd

  2. Agenda • J2ME Today & Tomorrow • Sun One Studio 4.0 • Sun One Studio 4.0 Mobile Edition

  3. J2ME Devices Handspring Treo 180 Nokia 7650

  4. Java Phone available in Hong Kong

  5. Coming...

  6. Success of I-Mode – Partnership

  7. OTA Provisioning

  8. MIDP 1.0 Defining and Controlling Applications javax.microedition.midlet Display text and Graphics and responding to user events javax.microedition.lcdui Storing data in simple databases javax.microedition.rms Network connectivity via a subset of HTTP Timer notifications javax.util

  9. Java Game Profile (JSR 134) 3D,2D, Streaming , Video Buffering, Sound Control , Game Controllers and Hardware Access J2ME Multimedia API (JSR 135) Sound generation,low footprint, media synchronization MID Next Generation ( JSR 00118) mCommerce,https,Formal OTA Provisioning,Push Architecture, XML, Improved LCDUI And more...... Release Soon....

  10. Sun and Wireless • Wireless is central to Sun’s strategy • Mobile computing enables access to network-based services on demand • Sun dominates wireless technology with J2ME innovation • Adoption of J2ME as an open applications platform at a new level of maturity – a must have technology for creating and provisioning new mobile services and apps

  11. Community Edition (Still Free!) J2SE and Web Tier Development Environment JSP 1.2, Servlet 2.3, JSR 52 Standard Tag Library Support Deployment to Tomcat 4.0 Mobile Edition (Also Free!) J2ME tool for building MIDP/CLDC Applications Available as a standalone or added to CE or EE for end to end J2ME/J2SE/J2EE Java development solution Enterprise Edition for Java J2EE 1.3 Compatible Multiple Supported Application Servers Production Web Services Support Sun ONE Studio

  12. Everything is "Built on NetBeans" • Open Source code base matures and gains momentum • Approaching 2-year anniversary of open source launch • 35+ partners at JavaOne are showed NetBeans technologies that extend and add value to Forte for Java • 100+ partners with nearly 40 shippingsolutions today • Several notable partners distribute their own tools that run on NetBeans: CompuWare, Compaq, BEA, Zucotto... • 35,000 downloads per month (Q2-FY02) • Thousands of project participants – vast majority are non-Sun

  13. New: Forte for Java 4, Mobile Edition

  14. Support for J2ME MIDP/CLDC development • Pre-integrated and Plug-in emulator • J2ME compliant emulator based on the CLDC and MIDP Reference Implementations, including debug version of MIDP for Palm OS • Device skins with varying form factors • MIDlet and MIDlet suite templates • Integrated compilation, preverification and execution of MIDlets and MIDlet suites • Integrated source-level debugging • Automatic generation of JAD and .JAR files • J2ME Code completion • Version Control • Ant Support

  15. Mobile Industry Partners

  16. Emulator / SDK Integrations • Development support for Nokia Java™Technology enabled phones • Nokia 6310i emulation thru the J2ME WTK • Nokia 6310i emulation through the Nokia Developer’s Suite

  17. Emulator / SDK Integrations Integration with Siemens Mobility Toolkits SL45i/SL42i M50 M46

  18. Emulator / SDK Integrations • Development support for Sony Ericsson Java™Technology enabled phones • P800, Z700 and T62u through the J2ME Wireless Toolkit

  19. Emulator / SDK Integrations • Development support for Sprint Java™Technology • enabled phones through the Sprint PCS Java Wireless Toolkit

  20. Unified Emulator Interface (UEI) • Origination: J2ME group at Sun • Original Goal: Ease integration J2ME WTK to 3rd Party Java IDEs • Goal: Ease/Standardize integration of vendor device specific SDKs with IDEs • Sun is specification lead in collaboration with IDE and emulator vendors • Adoption amongst IDE vendors • Forte for Java Mobile Edition 4 • Borland JBuilder MobileSet 1.0.3 and beyond • Metroworks CodeWarrior for Java • WebGain • Adoption amongst Operators and Device Manufacturers

  21. Device Emulator / SDK 1 Custom module Custom module IDE 1 Custom module Device Emulator / SDK 2 Custom module Custom module IDE 2 Device Emulator / SDK 3 Custom module Custom Integrations – Require costly custom plug-in modules

  22. IDE 1 UEI IDE 2 UEI UEI Device Emulator / SDK IDE 3 UEI IDE 4 UEI Unified Emulator Interface

  23. UEI Device Emulator / SDK 1 Kjava module (UEI) Forte for Java Mobile Edition UEI Device Emulator / SDK 2 UEI Device Emulator / SDK 3 Unified Emulator Interface

  24. Summary "One thing we know – the pace of technology evolution will only increase; Java keeps moving, web services will evolve, and new technologies will continue to extend network boundaries. At Sun, we pioneered an IDE model 2 years ago that is optimized for maximum agility and speed of innovation. There is no one else in the tools space better positioned than Sun to meet the ongoing requirements of this market." Peter Young, Vice President, Forte Tools