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Our DIY Cake Shop

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Our DIY Cake Shop
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Our DIY Cake Shop

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  1. Our DIY Cake Shop Teammates:蔡东、连烽、邹婷、尔珊、罗怡、家瑜

  2. The Executive Summary “DIY”means “Do it yourself”. During the course of DIY, you can create your own things as you want and can enjoy the felling of achievement. It must be very interesting . Different from common cake shops, DIY cake shop can provide our customers with a felling of achievement and give their own meaning to the cakes they make.

  3. The Executive Summary To run a DIY cake shop, what we should do is to provide our customer with raw material 、tools、place,what is more,there should be professional bakers to teach our customers to make their own cakes. In here, you can have fun with your friends, enjoy the happiness with your children. In here, you can put down all your troubles and relax yourself in the endless interest of DIY.

  4. The Executive Summary The name of our cake shop: Sweet DIY Cake Shop The slogan of our cake shop: Let’s create! Let’s DIY! The target of our cake shop: To help more people to own their DIY cake.

  5. Ownership of our DIY cake shop The ownership of our DIY cake shop is partnership. A partnership, as defined by the US Uniform Partnership Act, is “an association of two or more persons to carry on as co-owners of a business for profit.” Our DIY cake shop meets these characteristics.

  6. Assessment of the Business Environment • Global environment • Along with our country economy development, people living standard rising, life style and consumption structure changing, DIY cakes are popular among modern people, especially young people. • Industry Environment • "DIY cake shop" is one of gold industries in the 21st century. In recent years, cake industry in domestic presented the unprecedented popularity and momentum of development, which has a wide development prospect and huge development space.

  7. Assessment of the Business Environment Marketing Research In order to know more about customers’ needs and our main competitors’ operation situations, we have done two surveys. The questionnaire survey is focus on college students, whose sample size is 82, including 32 man students and 50 woman students. And telephone interview is aimed at our competitors. We interviewed 4 DIY cake shops in Tianhe District. The results are as listed.

  8. Assessment of the Business Environment Part one: questionnaire survey 1. Can you make a cake? From this graph, we can know that about 85.4% of students can not make a cake, and just a handful of them can make a cake by themselves.

  9. Assessment of the Business Environment 2. Do you want to learn how to make a cake? This graph tells us that 75.6% of students, whose scale is biggest, want to learn how to make a cake. It means that DIY cake shop has its own potential opportunities of development.

  10. Assessment of the Business Environment (3)Are you willing to go to a DIY cake shop? When asked if you are willing to go to a DIY cake shop to learn and make your own cake, most of the answers is “yes”, whose scale is about 74.4%.It prove that DIY cake shop has its own market.

  11. Assessment of the Business Environment (4)The highest price which can be accepted to make a cake? In order to make their own cake, the highest price they can accept is mainly form 20 to 50, and the most of students choose “20-30”as their most suitable price. The price they choose is relatively low.

  12. Assessment of the Business Environment (5) In addition to cakes, what do you want to DIY? This graph tells us that in addition to cakes, the first one they want to DIY is “pudding”, about 42.4%, and the second one is “cookies”, about 32.9%, last one is “western bread”, whose proportion is 22.4%. It means that there should not be only one kind of product for customers to choose, but should form product mix to meet their demand.

  13. Assessment of the Business Environment • Part two: telephone interview • We interviewed 4 DIY cake shops in Tianhe District. The results are as listed.

  14. Assessment of the Business Environment All of the cake shops provide cake teaching,but the customers must book one day in advance before you go there. And they seldom have promotion activities, and it is always short time, such as holiday promotion. From the graph above, we can know that all of the cake shop have their own product mix, but the price is higher than the most suitable price that college students can accept. And they also lack a continuous promotion system to attract their customs.

  15. Assessment of the Business Environment Needs unsatisfied Price A bit expensive ! Discounttime Too short!

  16. Marketing plan • Target market:At present ,our target market focus on college school students. But we will expand our market when we have enough capacity. • Analysis of target consumers:On one hand, college students always have great curiosity to new things and want to have a try. For them, “DIY cake” is a fresh thing, and it can easily attract their interest. On the other hand, it is not very expensive for college students to DIY cake, and they have the ability to bear the cost.

  17. Marketing plan Product characteristics 1. Entertainment : When our customers DIY their cake, they can have fun during the course, and enjoy the feeling of creation. They can forget all of troubles in their life, and be buried in the happiness of DIY. 2. Educational: At present, more and more students are buries in their study,but ignore the development of their  hands-on skills. It is meaningful for our customers because they can learn how to make a cake and improve their hand-on skills.

  18. Marketing plan Product characteristics 3. Interaction: The course of DIY cake is not a one-way process, but a process of two-way communication and interaction. So, DIY cake does not only mean making a cake, but an opportunity to help you to know more others and build up a better relationship with others. 4. Diversity: There are different products for our customers to choose in our cake shop, rather than only cake, such as chocolate、cookie、egg tart、puff and so on. And in order to meet the demand of customers of different power of consumption, we provide a series of cake and other products on different prices.

  19. Marketing plan • Price •  Student’s purchasing power is limited, and they are very sensitive to the price. Therefore, price of the cake must be set on the base of price level which most of customers can accept.  Therefore, according to the cake’s size, the price of the cakes is between 40-150yuan, which can be suitable for most of customers as a large range. • Concluded from the market survey, college school students tend to a price which is lower than most of common DIY cake. According to this situation, we will sell mini cake ---- DIY cupcake, whose price is lower, so it can be more suitable for students to choose.

  20. Marketing plan Cupcake

  21. Marketing plan Promotion: 1. Build up membership card system: Customers will be given a membership card if they consume more than 3 times a year or recommend us to friends, which promising a ten-percent discount. 2. Advertising (1) Pamphlets: Deliver pamphlets near our cake shop and mainly college school, such as SCNU, Sun Yat-Sen University and South China Agricultural University and so on. (2) Posters: Put up posters near our cake shop and mainly college . (3) Radio: Cooperate with advertisers’ radio, let our voice spread farther. (4) Flyer: On some special days such as celebration, festival, we will hand out flyers to attract customers.

  22. Marketing plan Promotion: 3. Sweet photo system: After our customers finished their DIY cakes, we will freely take a photo of them with their cake as a sweet memory, which can be posted on the shop’ wall or taken away. 4. Holiday promotion: On special days, such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, the Mid Autumn Festival, we will timely adjust our pricing based on market needs. And carry out a variety of preferential benefit activities to attract customers.

  23. Marketing plan • Distribution • Telephone ordering: Mainly target is boarding students. • Order Online: Mainly order by network communications tool, such as QQ, We-chat and so on.

  24. Summary After certain researches and segmentation, we are confident to bring our Sweet DIY cake shop to a better stage .We believe that we can attract more customers to experience the happiness of creating their own cake. Let’s create! Let’s DIY! A bright future is awaiting us!

  25. Thank you!