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w w w . b a l t i c m a s t e r . o r g PowerPoint Presentation
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w w w . b a l t i c m a s t e r . o r g

w w w . b a l t i c m a s t e r . o r g

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w w w . b a l t i c m a s t e r . o r g

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  1. w w w . b a l t i c m a s t e r . o r g

  2. BUDGET • Project Period • 25th of October 2008 – 24th of January 2012 • Budget and Funding • Total project budget, 4 002 312 Euro • ERDF, 3 056 984 Euro • Partner contribution, 945 328 Euro • 75% EU-funding for Denmark, Finland, Germany and Sweden. • 85% for Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. • Russian partners will not receive any ENPI funds.

  3. TOTAL BUDGET (Incl. ENPI) • Budget line 1, Personnel. Includes salaries, wages, employment taxes, social security, health insurance and pension contributions) of the staff directly engaged in the project and employed by the project partner institution. Unpaid voluntary work based on a written agreement.

  4. Budget line 2, External Service. work done by an external experts which is essential to the project, researchers, speaker, translators, interpreters and experts on layout, editing, design, printing and first level controllers, etc. NOTE! All community and national public procurement rules must be followed by the project partners. All contracts for external services must be backed up by necessary documents. • Budget line 3, Travel and accommodation. Travel costs directly related to the project and covering economy class travel on public transport. Accommodation and allowances for project staff related to the travel. • Budget line 4, Equipment & Investment. Examples of equipments are: IT equipment like PC, monitor, printer, incl. common software; special software; scanner; digital projector; digital/video camera; office furniture; exhibition equipment; etc. An investment is a result or an output that remain in use by the project target group after the end of the project. • Budget line 5, Other direct costs. costs relevant to the project which cannot be included under any of the above mentioned budget lines. Direct administrative costs: costs of consumables, direct office running costs and service charges (rent of the project premises, telecommunication and postal fees, direct invoices for heating, light, water, electricity or other forms of energy, direct maintenance costs); Charges for transnational financial transactions; bank charges for opening and administering the bank account(s) of the project; fees for taking part in events relevant for the project. NOTE! Not eligible costs are: indirect administrative costs (overheads) based on pro rata; charges for financial transactions within the country; debit interests and exchange rate losses.

  5. Time plan & Reporting period

  6. Joint Secretariat / PA submit Payment Request Europ. Commission effects payment to PA Paying Authority effects payment to Lead Partner Lead Partner submits activity and audited financial report Submitactivity and audited financial reportsto Lead Partner Lead Partner effects payments to Project Partners GENERAL RULES FOR PAYMENT OF ERDF European Commission Joint Secretariat / PA Lead Partner Project Partners PA - Paying Authority Reports Payments

  7. GUIDLINES, REPORTING PROCEDURES AND ACCOUNTING • Budget change once during the entire project period • Reporting procedure twice a year reporting of activities related to the Application form and financial follow-up to the Joint Secretariat • Lead Partner requesting and receiving payments, and transfer funds to project partners • ALL payments from Interreg are based on the “Project Progress reports” • The money will be transferred in Euro

  8. Keep separate project accounts for the Baltic Master II project. • Copies of all accounting documentations need to be send to the lead partner • Lead partner will send out forms and templates regarding the progress report. For example • Financial and Activity Report • Time Report • List of expenditures

  9. AUDIT • The Lead Partner has a centralized auditor named NUTEK, located in Stockholm, Sweden. • Centralized control system; Estonia, Latvia and Poland. (appointed by the Member States) • Decentralized system; Denmark, Germany, Finland and Lithuania (appoint its controller, must be independent and fulfil the requirements from the first level controls laid down in the Structural funds and national legal framework • Role and Task - check and certify the financial expenditures - Lead partners auditor confirm the whole progress report every milestone.

  10. THANK YOU! • Do not hesitate to contact me concerning financial matters. •