polycarbonate roofs are getting more and more n.
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What has made polycarbonate gain popularity PowerPoint Presentation
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What has made polycarbonate gain popularity

What has made polycarbonate gain popularity

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What has made polycarbonate gain popularity

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  1. Polycarbonate roofs are getting more and more popular today to replaceglass, acrylic, and othersimilarmaterialsfora varietyofmaterials.Because oftheamazingpropertiesthatit has, polycarbonateroofing sheets have become suitable for all kinds of residential and commercial buildings. Here is a list of some of the finest properties that polycarbonate possesses, which has helped it gain so much popularitytoday. Ease ofInstallation Polycarbonate is very easy to install. Being very light in weight, it is easyto carry andtransport without any additional labour andaid. Also, it is very easy to cut and drill polycarbonatewith the help of sharp toothed scissors or circular saws, which means no additional machinery required. And, cutting and drilling polycarbonates does not result in hazardous shards, as in the case of glass. In every way, polycarbonates are much easier to install than any other roofing material.

  2. Durability andToughness Even though light in weight, polycarbonates are highly durable and impact resistant.In fact, they are 200 times stronger than glass! While glass can break at strong impacts, polycarbonate can easily withstand all forms of impact like stones, hail, snow, rain, winds, and storm. Being so durable and able to withstand tough weather conditions, you needn’t worry about your roofs foryearstocomeifyouhaveinstalledpolycarbonateroofingsheets. PassageofSafeLight Polycarbonate lets in maximum light of the sun during the day, thus reducing theneed of switching on the lights during the day or early in the evenings, which means reduced light bills. Moreover, the harmful UV radiations from the sun are blocked from entering the indoor space because of the UV reflecting layer that polycarbonate sheets possess. This is one of the biggest reasons why greenhouses use polycarbonate roofs. The plants within get maximum sunlight, while protecting them from UV rays; meaning healthy growing ofplants. ExcellentInsulation Polycarbonates can keep the indoor space well insulated, which means you don’t have toworry about any kind of weather. During summers, it will keep the space cool; while during winters,it will keep the space warm. Therefore, you needn’t install any additional installation materials as is the case with other roofingmaterials. AestheticAppeal Polycarbonates are available in a variety of colors, which can enhance the beauty ofyour construction. Moreover, it is very flexible, unlike the rigid glass. Therefore, if you want circular roofs, domes, or other randomly shaped extensions, it is very easy to do so with polycarbonates. With glass, this design perspective is limited. This is the reason why architects and designers prefer working withpolycarbonate. Availability of differentvarieties Polycarbonates are not only available in various thicknesses, but also in a variety of types.Thus, you have many options to choose the perfect kind of polycarbonate for your particular application. Forexample,

  3. Sheds can be built with 4mm and 10 mmsheets • Greenhouses can be built with 4mm to16 mm sheets • Carports and pergolas require 10 mmpolycarbonate • Roof lights, canopies, and walkways require 16 mmpolycarbonate • Conservatories require a thicker 25 mm polycarbonatesheet Furthermore, Tuflite Polymerspolycarbonate roofing sheets are available in various types like plain, textured, profiled, corrugated, and multi-walled. So, you can choose from those to suit yourpurpose.