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  1. CLASH OF CLANS GOAL The games consists in improving a village. Its final goal is to reach the larger number of trophies and the highest level. The purpose is to reach the best position of the world league.

  2. HOW IT WORKS The soldiers: 1) Consist of barbarians, archers and goblins. The troops in this category are very powerful. They are vulnerable to wizards towers and mortars. 2) Consist of giants, wallbreakers, balloons and magicians. 3) Consist of dragons, healers and P.E.K.K.A.s. These soldiers are the strongest army in the game but they cost a lot of elixir.

  3. 4) Dark elixir troops consist of golems, hog riders, minions, valkiries and witches. 5) Heroes are the barbarian king and the archer queen. The heroes are immortal and can only be trained once. The heroes can be summoned by a permanent altar rather then being trained in the barrakes.

  4. BUILDINGS 1)The gold mine consists in extracting gold. 2)The elixir extractor consists in extracting elixir. 3)The gold storage consists in storing your gold. 4)The elixir storage consists in storing your elixir production.

  5. 5) Town Hall: this is the heart of your village. When you enhance the Town Hall, you unlock new defenses, new buildings traps and much more. 6) In the barraks you train your troops. 7) In the army camp where your troops stay. 8) The Dark elixir: -The dark elixir drill extracts the dark elixir. -The dark elixir storage is a cubical building where you store your elixir. -The dark elixir is used for dark troops and the heroes.

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