the present continuous n.
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The Present Continuous

The Present Continuous

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The Present Continuous

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  1. The Present Continuous

  2. Close your eyes. Imagine you are at the beach. What are you doing right now?

  3. I am running on the beach…. I am sitting on the sand…… I am surfing the waves…. I am building a sand castle…. I am playing catch with my friends…. I am swimming in the water….

  4. What do all these sentences have in common?

  5. Present Continuous • Form: subject + to be (am, is, are) + infinitive + ing

  6. Present Continuous Example: I am sitting on the beach. subject sit + ing “to be”

  7. Present ContinuousThe action is taking place right now so we are looking at it…. Be Am/is/are Verb+ ing

  8. Function of the present continuous • When do we use it? • To describe actions that are happening at the moment of speaking. I amstanding in front of the class now.

  9. 2. To talk about something that will happen in the near future. She isgoing to the movies on Saturday.

  10. 3. To describetemporary actions. Her father isworking in Rome this month.

  11. 4. To talk about trends. More and more people areusing their computers to listen to music.

  12. 5.To talk about repeated actions that are irritating to the speaker. He is always coming late to class.

  13. Time Expressions now at this moment at present today tonight Look! Listen! this afternoon right now

  14. Positive Statements I amplaying football. or I’mplaying football. You areplaying football. or You’replaying football.

  15. Negative Statements I am not playing football. I’m not playing football. You are not playing football. You’re not playing football. You aren’t playing football.

  16. Song time!!! Suzanne Vega Tom’s Diner

  17. Spelling rules…. • Usually, in the present continuous we add an “ing” to the verb, right? Read reading Ask asking Be being Go going

  18. Not really…. • Verbs that end with an “e”. The “e” must be dropped in order to add the “ing” Give giving Have having taking Take

  19. Verbs that end with an “ee”. Here, we don’t drop the final “e” before adding an “ing”. agreeing Agree See seeing

  20. Verbs that end with a vowel (a,e,i,o,u) and a consonant (not inc. w,x, y). In this case, we double the last consonant and then add an “ing”. sit sitting get getting run running fit fitting

  21. Verbs that end with an “ie”. These must be changed to “y” before adding the “ing”. dying die lie lying tie tying

  22. Asking yes/no questions How do we ask yes/no questions in the present continuous?

  23. Try it….Turn these statements into yes/no questions. • I am playing football. • They are drinking water right now. • She is singing her favorite song. Am I playing football? Are they drinking water right now? Is she singing her favorite song?

  24. What happened? When we ask yes/no questions in the present continuous, we put the “to be” verb first. To be + subject + verb + ing

  25. Let’s look at our questions… • I amplaying football. • Am I playing football? To be verb + ing subject Yes, I’mplaying. No, I’m not playing. Answer:

  26. They aredrinking water right now. • Are they drinking water right now? To be verb + ing subject Yes, they aredrinking. No, they aren’t drinking. Answer:

  27. She issinging her favorite song. • Is she singing her favorite song? To be verb + ing subject Yes, she issinging. No, she isn’t singing. Answer:

  28. WH Questions What do you think goes first when we ask WH question in the present continuous?

  29. Good job…………… Correct. When we ask a WH question in the present continuous, the WH word comes first………….. WH word + to be + subject + verb + ing

  30. Try to come up with WH questions using these key words… • Why, he, (to) hit • What, she, (to) do • Where, I, (to) go • When, it, (to) happen • Who, they, (to) laugh • How, it, (to) go