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Espiritu Santo Island for Snorkeling & Diving | Turtle Bay Lodge PowerPoint Presentation
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Espiritu Santo Island for Snorkeling & Diving | Turtle Bay Lodge

Espiritu Santo Island for Snorkeling & Diving | Turtle Bay Lodge

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Espiritu Santo Island for Snorkeling & Diving | Turtle Bay Lodge

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  1. Espiritu Santo Island - Turtle Bay Lodge

  2. Where to stay in Espiritu Santo Vanuatu To choose the best accommodation in Espiritu Santo is not an easy task. If you are planning to go outside the country then most important worry is that where to stay. Because there has many hotels and resorts consist but choosing one of the best is not an easy. So, If you prefer having the services from a hotel and worried about where to stay Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu then, you will have to stay closer to Luganville and Turtle Bay Lodge is located on the heart of Luganville. Espiritu Santo Island is a well known diving destination for lovers of nature and animals.. You can snorkel and kayak from the lodge. The staff is very nice and friendly nature. Accommodation Espiritu Santo VanuatuBoutique hotel Espiritu Santo Vanuatu

  3. Hotel Booking Espiritu Santo Vanuatu - Turtle Bay Lodge Get affordable deal on hotel booking Espiritu Santo Vanuatu. Turtle Bay Lodge offers the best place to stay in Espiritu Santo. We provide cheap accommodation Espiritu Santo, boutique hotel, waterfront hotel and sea view lodge. Book Now and get discounts with Free Wi-Fi and Breakfast.

  4. The best things to do in Vanuatu: Espiritu Santo Espiritu Santo is a peaceful and idyllic spot where traditional island life can be experienced. It is a popular destination with direct international flights from Brisbane, you can visit Santo for around $500 return!. If you are looking for a thrilling adventure or relaxing holidays, you will find things to do in Vanuatu’s largest island. • SS Coolidge wreck: Named in the top ten wreck diving sites in the world, The SS President coolidge attracts divers of all levels from all over the world. We can organise your dive from Turtle Bay Lodge. • Millenium Cave:The Millenium Cave tour is an amazing experience that you will remember forever. Not for the fainthearted, the tour starts with a drive into the jungle where you meet your guides at the village. A long walk to the mouth of the cave is made interesting by the stories you hear along the way. There’s a steep climb down to the cave which is filled to about waist deep with water. • Champagne Beach:One of the most popular destinations on Espiritu Santo, Champagne Beach features stunning white sand and crystal blue water. It’s a beautiful place to visit, relax and swim. • Blue holes:There are at least four freshwater blue holes in Espiritu Santo. The Riri, Matevulu, and Nanda blue holes. They all have different look and have their own charms. • Port Olry:The beach at Port Olry is absolutely stunning and is considered the best of the beaches by many.Espiritu Santo IslandEspiritu Santo Vanuatu

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