5 benefits of digital marketing for small businesses n.
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5 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

5 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

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5 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

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  1. 5 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

  2. The Digital Marketing Edge • SMEs setup shop online - fight for popularity with large Cos. • Stiff competition - digital marketing expands sphere of influence. • Multiple advertising avenues and social media platforms for brand awareness, lead generation and sales. • Large swaths of traffic can be directed from popular search engines and digital advertisements • Target people through advanced digital tools based on user-specific factors.

  3. Why Digital Marketing 1 - Website • Having a Website Gives you Full Control of your Digital Narrative. • It’s a base of online ops from where you can establish marketing • Maintain the right tone & style as per brand guidelines. • Improve your chances at gaining popularity with a website. • Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Mobile Messaging, Blog & Vlog Marketing, google ads campaign, and all the subsets of digital marketing need to have a common ground for customer convenience, and that common ground is always your website.

  4. Why Digital Marketing 2 - Content • Experiment and then finalise on content strategies or hire content writing company to speed up • Video content, infographic, social media content ad there’s more. Content in its many forms, draws audience and drive engagement. • With content small business owners are given the means to expand their digital footprint. • A Facebook poll or contest to give customers and users a chance to win a free product, a tweet, an email describing the benefits of a new product, a webinar on an industry topic—all these have the power to influence online viewers.

  5. Why Digital 3 - Search Marketing • Large companies fight for the best spots on Google’s search engine i.e on Page 1 of the search, with aggressive, paid search advertising via the pay-per-click marketing model of Google Ads. • Who don’t have budget for aggressive advertising on Google Ads can use Organic ranking techniques to compete on search. • A good website with high-quality seo content writing, and search engine optimisation by a professional seo agency would provide a good chance of being ranked up high on Page 1 of the SERPs. • This road to Page 1 can be a long and arduous process but it certainly is rewarding.

  6. Why Digital 4 - Location Marketing • One of the most practical aspects of digital marketing is the utilization of geographical locations on online databases, to help users find businesses, products, and services near them. • Small businesses can use keywords to help potential customers. For example, a bakery in South Mumbai should use keywords that refer to location i.e. “Good bakeries in South Mumbai,” • This is best done by using Google Maps & Google My Business (GMB). This allows people to find the said bakery when they type in “Good bakeries in South Mumbai.” • Build your GMB profile with favourable reviews from customers.

  7. Why Digital 5 - Credibility • Buyers and prospects are always looking for opinions on whether content, services, or products meet reasonably high standards. • Prospects are always looking for social proof i.e. a company exists, has enough web presence, customer reviews and is visible. • Any small business worth its salt needs to ensure it provides great services, and products to find favour in the market. • Once reviewed favourably, image improves drastically, and they get higher visibility and steady business growth.

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