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QPR ScoreCard PowerPoint Presentation
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QPR ScoreCard

QPR ScoreCard

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QPR ScoreCard

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  1. QPR ScoreCard QPR Software Plc through TranZen Inc.

  2. Why Executing the strategy with Balanced ScoreCard gives Tremendous results? • ”90% of organizations fail to execute their strategies.” • ”95% of the typical workforce don’t understand their organization's strategy.” • 70% of organizations do not link middle management incentives to strategy (Dr.David P. Norton, 2002)

  3. Link vision to measures Vision targets VISION Overall targets How do we get there? STRATEGY Where is the organization going? Strategic targets CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS What do we have to do well? How do we measure that it goes well? Operative targets INDIVIDUAL MEASURES Action Plan, Comments

  4. Financial If we succeed financially, how will we look to our owners? Balance the perspectives Yesterday Customer To achieve the vision, how must we look to our customers? Process To satisfy our customers, in which processes should we excel? Today Tomorrow Employees To achieve our vision, how can we ensure that our employees are continuously developed and being positive? Development To achieve our vision, how can we secure that our performance is continuously improved?

  5. The benefits of Balanced ScoreCard (1) • Implements strategy • Strategy becomes part of every day actions • Strategy becomes the property of every employee • Communicates targets • Increases efficiency by clarifying targets • Increases motivation (when connected to bonus system) • Increases commitment - if you don't understand, you can't be committed

  6. The benefits of Balanced ScoreCard (2) • Target-setting is done from every perspective • Balanced follow-up on performance • Enables quick reaction to changes • Identifies business drivers • Moves the focus from financial figures to those figures that really guide the business • Management focus is transferred from has-been-done management to will-be-done management • Enables fast reaction to changes

  7. QPR ScoreCard is used to... PLAN – form a winning strategy and align objectives with the strategy IMPLEMENT – Implement the Balanced ScoreCard methodology efficiently COMMUNICATE – Communicate the strategy and targets effectively to all employees COMMIT PEOPLE – People align their own activities with the strategy and achieve better results

  8. Benefits from Day One • ”I can save time, save money, and make money from the very beginning.” • Low level of IT support needed • Easy to learn, develop and utilize • Scorecards are instantly visible in the web • Effective goal deployment from the very beginning

  9. High Return on Investment • ”QPR ScoreCard works - I can make money with it!” • Payback time less than a year • ROI 133% / year • Remarkable time-savings  Top management decision-making process becomes more efficient (Ben Patterson, Unisys)

  10. Commit People on Organizational Targets • Efficient web deployment with interactive user interface • Personalized content with QPR Portal • Integrate the system into everyday tasks and operations • ”Push” information via e-mail

  11. 10.000+ users in 500+ organizations • Swisscom • Astra Zeneca • Arla Foods • Stora Enso • Grafobal • Spinea • Celero Support • NCC • SCC Viatek • US Marine Corp. • The Finnish Defence Forces • Unisys • American Red Cross • Finnair • Fortum • HEX • DST Systems • Electrolux • RAG INFORMATIK GmbH • Spenncon AS • BAX Global • I.D.C. Holding 4th Q 2002, UNDP announced the implementation of QPR BSC for over 100 offices worldwide

  12. QPR ScoreCard 7.2 Introduction Collaborative Management Software Committing People to Objectives

  13. QPR ScoreCard Collaborative Management Software Committing People to Objectives Create Strategy Awareness • Performance mgmt Web Portal • Strategy Maps • Strategy documents Commit People to Objectives Integrate Performance Management to Your Organization BALANCED QPR ScoreCard • Design & Communication of Management Processes • Links to documents & applications • Clear, quantitative target setting • Personalization of BSC information • Interactive feedback & action planning SCORECARD Execute Strategy Monitor, Analyze & Benchmark Performance • Cascading Scorecards • Warnings and E-mail alerts • Personal Scorecards • Data visualization & trends • Consolidation & Drill-Down • Briefing Booklets • Reports

  14. Collaborative Management (QPR 7) Corporate Performance Management (CPM) QPR Collaboration Portal QPR ScoreCard Performance Management QPR ProcessGuide Process Management Integration CRM Reporting Budgeting ABC Workflow automation ERP Legacy systems Collaborative Management Software

  15. QPR 7 is the leading Collaborative Management Software Management based on: QPR 7 supports: Action Focused feedback,shared Best Practises, aligned actions, alerts Decision  Insight Focused feedback, shared Best Practises, risk identification  Collaboration Knowledge Strategy maps, process maps, Briefing Booklets, personalized informations  Communication Information Measures, documentation, detailed process maps  Structuring Data  Distributed data gathering, Integration Collection

  16. Benefits of QPR 7 • Interactive - Commit People to Objectives • Strategy-driven action • Set targets and achieve them • Communicate through action planning and commenting • Efficient - Get results fast • Easy and quick modeling of scorecards • Visual and clear presentation • Up-to-date information delivery on the web • Email alerts for quick reaction time • Flexible – Meets Your Needs • Customizable terminology and graphical symbols • Scalable from standalone to corporate level balanced scorecard application • Cost Effective – Enjoy Low TCO and Fast ROI • Less reporting, better information • Automatic updates from variety of data sources • Spend less time in measuring and more time in analyzing

  17. Deploying QPR ScoreCard BSC Developer BSC Owner Interest Group / Stakeholder • Create strategy maps • Create scorecards • Define measures • Set up consolidations • Manage Users rights • View and analyze • Update values • Create comments • Create action plans • Upload Documents • Review performance • Analyze strategy • Create action plans • See strategy in action QPR ScoreCard D-Client QPR Collaboration Portal QPR Collaboration Portal

  18. Managing the whole Organization

  19. Web based Management Portal All Strategy and Process knowledge delivered through one easy to use Web Portal

  20. Communicate Strategy with Web Enabled Strategy Maps

  21. Consolidated information with drill-down

  22. Set Clear Targets, Follow-up with action planning and commenting

  23. Public bookmarks Personal home and default pages My Responsibilities Customizable analysis view Powerful Personalization of Portal

  24. True intercative feedback channel! Give comments, analyse performance, create and assign action plans. Break down action plans to tasks. Attach project plans to your action plans. Gather & distribute best practise lessons Web-based Discussion & Action Planning with File Attachments

  25. Web-enabled Briefing Booklets (1)

  26. Web-enabled Briefing Booklets (2) Creating a booklet: • Browse and "shop" for the desired content (Add to Basket) • Create booklet and pages • Place content from basket on pages • Publish booklet Reading a booklet : • Open booklet notifications email and click on link • Turn page

  27. Fast Reaction with Email Alerts

  28. QPR Portal: My Measures

  29. Fully customizable measurement system What to measure? How to measure? How often?

  30. Automated and scheduled measure updates

  31. Cascade Scorecards to Entire Organization

  32. Risk identification Risk classification Impact assesment Risk mitigation Risk mgmt documentation Risk Management

  33. Detect Exceptional Performance with Warnings

  34. Fully customizable measurement system What to measure? How to measure? How often?

  35. Accelerate implementation using Measure Library

  36. Online Resource Centre and User Community

  37. QPR Collaboration Portal Inter-/Intra-/Extranet Corporate Network ERP CRM QPR Application Server / Web Application Server QPR Collaboration Portal SCM Documents DB (SQL, Oracle, …) QPR SC Development Client

  38. QPR ScoreCard - Integration • User Interface Integration • Linked Reports (e.g. Crystal Reports, Business Objects etc.) • Linked documents (e.g. MS Office) • PIM Applications (e.g. Lotus Notes, MS Outlook) • Portals (e.g. Corporate Intranets) • Data Integration • Data imports from ERP-, CRM-, Financial Systems(e.g. SAP, Siebel, Peoplesoft etc.) • Cross application reporting (e.g. Crystal Reports, Business Objects etc.) • User Management Integration • LDAP / Windows NT / Active directory Integration • QPR API (Application Programming Interface)

  39. Why QPR ScoreCard ?

  40. BSC Software Classification(source: Gartner Group) Corporate Performance Management Suites Full Integration(Closed Loop) Broad QPR ScoreCard Scope of implementation Degree of integration Low(Analytical) Focused Business Intelligence Tools Balanced Scorecard Applications Required IT Support / Skills Required Customisation Low High

  41. QPR ScoreCard SAP Hyperion PBViews Oracle MS Office What do I get?The Key Benefits of QPR ScoreCard Communicate Targets Effectively • Low IT overhead • Fast building of scorecards • Easy-to-use • Automatic web delivery • Efficient web deployment • Personalized information • Customizable to customer needs • ”Push” information with e-mail alerts Short Time-to-benefits

  42. QPR ScoreCard SAP Hyperion PBViews Oracle MS Office How does it work?The Key Features of QPR ScoreCard Scalability • ”MS Office”-style clients • Intuitive web interface • Easy to install • Personalized information in the web • Scales down to standalone usage • Scales up to corporate wide usage • Large amount of users, large models • Available as ASP Ease of Use

  43. QPR ScoreCard SAP Hyperion PBViews Oracle MS Office Does it work (in the future too)?Vendor and Technology Vendor Commitment • ”Windows – independent” technology • Any major web browser • Any major web server • Any major database • Integrate seamlessly to corporate intranet • Big enough (QPR has a good size) • Small enough (to be flexible and agile) • Right product mix (important one, but not the last straw) Open, independent application

  44. QPR ScoreCard SAP Hyperion PBViews Oracle MS Office How much does it cost?Financial Justification Low Total Cost of Ownership • Direct financial savings in data gathering and reporting • The benefits of BSC • Committed people make huge impact on business success • Fast implementation • No IT maintenance work • License cost is a small fraction of TCO High Return on Investment

  45. User Types • Utilizers • DECISION MAKERS ARE IN THIS CATEGORY! • Web Client • Developers • Model builders • DClient • IT Administrators • Install and administrate the system

  46. Why Executing the strategy with Balanced ScoreCard gives Tremendous results? • ”90% of organizations fail to execute their strategies.” • ”95% of the typical workforce don’t understand their organization's strategy.” • 70% of organizations do not link middle management incentives to strategy (Dr.David P. Norton, 2002)