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Team Building Activities PowerPoint Presentation
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Team Building Activities

Team Building Activities

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Team Building Activities

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  1. Team Building Activities 2013 STEM Camp

  2. Creating a Pyramid Starting Position Ending Position Directions: Using only a rubber band and four strings, move the cups from the starting position to the ending position. You may NOT touch the cups with your hands.

  3. Stand on the Bottom All team members stand on the tarp. They have to turn the tarp over and all team members must be standing on the bottom. Variation: Half of the team is on the tarp and half is standing off the tarp. Only the ones OFF the tarp can give directions.

  4. Crab Stand Sit on the floor back to back. Lock your arms. Now maneuver into a standing position. What made it work? What was difficult? What suggestions would you give?

  5. Fluttering Tissue Start with a square of tissue and one person in the center holding the square. The person throws the tissue in the air and calls a name. The person whose name was called must get to the tissue and catch it before it hits the ground. If it hits the ground, the tissue is torn to create a smaller piece.

  6. Helium Hoop Using a hula hoop, all children have one finger from each hand on the hoop at all times. The group needs to work together to lower the hoop to the floor. Everyone must maintain contact with the hoop.

  7. Four Equilateral Triangles 15 minute cerebral team building brain teaser challenge. Everyone loves a challenge.  Here’s a very simple idea that you can run in your office as a breakout game to refresh the mind. All you need is: Six pencils/pens or match sticks, all the same length. Now arrange the pencils as per the diagram. The challenge is to create four equilateral triangles (all the sides are the same length) using the pencils or sticks.  Each triangle must be the same size, and every side of each triangle must be the same length as the sticks provided.  You cannot break any of the sticks or pencils.  Contact if you are struggling to work it out!- See more at: