la familia n.
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La Familia

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La Familia

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  1. La Familia

  2. La Cultura de la Familia Española • Young people show a great deal of respect for their elders. • Family is very important. Most of your time is spent with family members, not friends. • Hispanic families have a patriarchal structure, male dominated. Girls are expected to help around the home and boys typically receive more education than girls.

  3. La Cultura de la Familia Española • Until recently divorce was illegal, and now is still socially unacceptable. • The Catholic Church has a huge influence on Hispanic families. • Family gatherings include many generations of the family. • Good friends, life long friends are considered family.

  4. What is your Surname? • Your surname is your last name. • El Apellido is the Spanish word for surname. • In Spanish speaking countries a person’s full name consists of a first name, usually a middle name, the father’s last name and then the mother’s last name. • For example, my name would be… Colleen Marie Schrouder Deemus • My daughter’s name would be… Katharine Margaret Dix Schrouder What would your name be?

  5. More about Hispanic names • A person’s full name is used on all official documents; birth certificates, school records, passports. • The full name is also listed in the phone book. The father’s last name is used to put the family’s name in the phone book, but the mother’s name may be needed to find the correct family.

  6. Feel like getting Married? UnaBoda - a wedding As in the United States, the man’s name does not change when he gets married. Only the wife’s name changes. Lets say.. Miguel José Lopez Molina marries Elena María Sanchez Torres What would her name be after she is married??? Elena María Sanchez de Lopez * She keeps both her father’s name and her husband’s name. She becomes part OF her husband’s family.

  7. Feel like getting Married? Lets say these couples get married. What would the brides’ name be after she is married? Felipe Jesus Rodriguez Martinez marries Lola Bonita Ramirez Hedalgo What would Lola’s married name be? Lola Bonita Ramirez de Rodriguez Juan Carlos Suarez Lupín marries Carmen Marianna Velázquez Piña What would Carmen’s married name be? Carmen Marianna Velázquez de Suarez

  8. How about a baby??? When Hispanic children are born they are given both their mother’s last name and their father’s last name. If Miguel José Lopez Molina and Elena María Sanchez de Lopez have a little girl, her name could be… Pilar Victoria ___________ ___________ Pilar Victoria Lopez Sanchez

  9. How about a baby??? If Juan Carlos Suarez Lupín and Carmen Marianna Velázquez de Suarez have a baby boy… His name could be… José Luis _________ _________ José Luis Suarez Velázquez