the best trekking experience n.
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Trekking in Ladakh PowerPoint Presentation
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Trekking in Ladakh

Trekking in Ladakh

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Trekking in Ladakh

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  1. The Best Trekking Experience

  2. Best Trekking Tours in Ladakh: I went to the StokKangri Climb and it was a great experience. The peak of the StokKangri is an amazing place to explore and the nearby views are breathtaking. The key features of this tour are as follows: • Difficulty level: Tough • Maximum Altitude: 6150m • Duration: 9 days • Suitable time: June, July, August and September

  3. Another tour that I went on was Discover Ladakh which has been a great experience for me. Trekking in Ladakh is a must for all the travel enthusiasts. The key aspects of the tour are as follows: • Difficulty level: Easy • Maximum Altitude: 4250 m • Duration: 7 days • Suitable time: May, June, July, August and September

  4. My trekking experience has been great with UFO Adventure travel. They provide guided tours in small groups which help the guides to focus better on everyone so that all the members of the group can experience the culture and the people of the region better. The beauty of being introduced to different traditions and culture of different places is mesmerising. They provide all the required equipment and tools. Here they use the best camping equipment make sure that all the equipment that is provided are safe and comfortable. One of the great things about them is that there is no hidden cost. They believe in genuine pricing and this is why they quote the prices upfront. The tagged price cover accommodation, land transport, meals and the entry fees from the day of landing to the desired destination to the day of deport.