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AS & A2 Music Technology The Knights Templar School PowerPoint Presentation
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AS & A2 Music Technology The Knights Templar School

AS & A2 Music Technology The Knights Templar School

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AS & A2 Music Technology The Knights Templar School

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  1. AS & A2 Music TechnologyThe Knights Templar School 2014 – 2016

  2. The Knights Templar SchoolMusic Department Mr Paul Herring BA (Head of Department) Mrs Eleanor Guinane BA Mrs Heather Johnson B.Ed Mrs Sarah Fraser (Music Secretary)

  3. AS Music Technology – key features * Emphasis on music technology as an area of study in its own right * 70 % coursework and whole exam is externally marked * Using music technology as a tool for composing and arranging * Developing sequencing and recording skills * Developing listening skills in recording techniques * Performance seen as a creative skill in the use of music technology * 3 Areas of Study: 1) The Principals & Practice of Music Technology 2) Popular Music Styles with focus styles of Rock‘n’Roll and Rap & Hip-hop 3) The Development of Technology-based Music

  4. Resourcesand Equipment • Rooms K2 Music Technology Room with 22 Applemac workstations all with the latest Sibelius 6 software as well as Logic Pro and GarageBand software. The computers are all new, networked and linked to the internet. K2 also has a small studio attached with another workstation and with Cubase Studio 4, Guitar Pro 5 and Reason audio equipment. We also have a specialist recording and performance area in CS 2. The new sound-proofed control room also has a powerful standalone Applemac with Logic Pro 5 and Reason software

  5. Resourcesand Equipment ii • Equipment As part of the Schools Specialist bid in the Performing Arts we have been able to purchase new equipment for the AS and A2 Music Technology including high quality specialist microphones for recording of vocal, instrumental and drum kits, a digital 8 track mixing desk/studio,Logic Pro 9 software, Motu 859 Audio Interface, an M-Audio NVR 10 Firewire Digital Audio Interface / Mixer

  6. Music Resources • Sibelius 6 and Logic Pro networked on all computers • Logic Pro, Guitar Pro and Reason software in K2 studio plus advanced digital recording equipment, Logic Pro and Motu interface Firewire Mixer in new CS Recording Studio • All computers linked to internet providing access to Online Grove Dictionary • Library Resource centre – with CDs and scores • Listening booklet & CD to help prepare for Listening exam. • Access to performance rooms and control room for recording

  7. AS Music Technology:Summary of Units 1 & 2 Music Technology Portfolio 1 Practical Tasks 70% • Task 1A: Sequenced Realised Performance • Task 1B: Multi-Track Recording • Task 1C: Creative Sequenced Arrangement Students also submit a logbook that will provide information on the resources used in each task Students will produce an audio CD containing quality recordings of the 3 tasks Unit 2 Listening & Analysing 30% • Students demonstrate knowledge of popular music, development and understanding of music technology and aural skills. Focus Areas for 2013 are Rock’n’Roll and Rap & Hip-Hop. • 1 hour 45 minute exam – all students have a copy of audio CD containing recorded extracts

  8. Practical Work Unit 1 Task 1a: Sequenced Realised Performance: Students sequence a song using Logic Pro software and are provided with an audio recording and skeleton score. Students are marked on accuracy of pitch & rhythm, choice of instruments & mix, overall musicality and general music technology skills Task for 2012: AMTV Ladytron 2014: Gotta Get Through This (Daniel Bedingfield) Task 1b: Multi-Track Recording: Students record a piece of their own choice using at least 8 live (not MIDI) tracks with at least 4 microphones. Students are marked on capture of sound, processing and overall mix Task 1c: Creative Sequenced Arrangement: Students select a task from a choice of 2 stimuli/styles. The piece must show some creative development (not just a cover version) and should last between 2 and 3 minutes Task for 2014: California Girls (The Beach Boys), Rolling in the Deep (Adele) in the style of either Dubstep or Disco.

  9. A2 Music Technology Unit 3 60% Task 3a: Sequenced Integrated Performance: • This must include at least 1 live audio vocal track integrated with the MIDI tracks; no score provided Task 3b: Multi-Track Recording: • The piece needs to be 3 – 5 minutes long and performed live involving at least 12 tracks with 8 captured on microphones using at least 4 acoustic instruments. Task 3c: Composing using Music Technology: • Students create one original composition based on a brief set by the board. The piece should demonstrate a creative approach to the use of music technology

  10. Unit 4: Analysing & Producing(40%) • During a 2 hour exam student demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of Music Technology through a series of written commentaries and production tasks. Students work at a MIDI workstation with their own audio CD • Section A: Students are tested in their ability to manipulate and correct recorded music and write short commentaries on technological processes • Section B: This is a practical task involving the production of a balanced stereo mix

  11. Opportunities for Sixth Form Students • Performing in advanced ensembles e.g. Big Band, Senior Chamber Choir etc. • Use of all school recording equipment and recording rooms – subject to availability • Opportunities to manage sound at school events, concerts and shows. • Extensive listening resources for Listening Exam. • Music Tours 2010 Croatia, 2012 Holland & 2014 Italy

  12. Music Students Working in K2