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Umbraco Cloud - hosting that excels PowerPoint Presentation
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Umbraco Cloud - hosting that excels

Umbraco Cloud - hosting that excels

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Umbraco Cloud - hosting that excels

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  1. Small scale, big scale - there’s room for it all in the Cloud Whether you’re building a simple website or an advanced multi-channel solution we have plans that’ll cover it. And thanks to our fixed and transparent pricing, there’s no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises waiting. 2 minutes and you’re up and running. That’s super fast. We know. Starting an Umbraco Cloud project means we’ll take care of the entire setup process for you so you’ll be up and running on your new project in no time. We basically save you from a bunch of tedious and time consuming tasks so that you can get started on the important and fun part - creating a great project for yourself or your clients.

  2. Like an autopilot for your Umbracoproject With Umbraco Cloud your site automatically receives the latest bug fixes and security features. This means that you can sleep sound at night and enjoy the fact that you can spend your days building great things on the most recent updated and most secure platform. When new features for Umbraco comes out, you can easily get them too - you have to lift a finger here though, but only one, as it requires just a simple click to add.

  3. Deploy new features with a single click With Umbraco Cloud your live site is healthily kept in its own protected environment. New features are made and tested in dedicated separate environments, so when you’re happy with the new features, you simply click a button and Umbraco Cloud wraps everything needed and deploys it safely to your live site. This makes it easier and faster to work in a true agile manner, all while making sure that your crucial live website stays intact and running.

  4. An overview of all your projects that lets you zoom in on any detail When you login to Umbraco Cloud you get an overview of all your projects and can see the latest activities. From here you can zoom in on the specific project and see a change log of who did what and when. You can also see if there’s anything wrong with the project including an overview of any errors that might have occured on your website. We know, it’s almost like cheating - you get the grand picture with almost no effort.