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MSB Bangalore Vision Plan 2011-12 PowerPoint Presentation
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MSB Bangalore Vision Plan 2011-12

MSB Bangalore Vision Plan 2011-12

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MSB Bangalore Vision Plan 2011-12

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  1. MSB Bangalore Vision Plan 2011-12 Secular Subjects Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary

  2. Vision Plan 2010-11MSB BangalorePre- Primary Section

  3. Best Practices 2010-11 • Mi Kids -British based English phonic program. • Orientation Program Class wise for parents • Monthly Profiles and Syllabus Completions record sent to parents

  4. Achievements • The kids are sporting and amazing change in their accent and pronunciation ,have also improved their linguistic, vocabulary, comprehension and spoken skills through Mi Kids program • Syllabus awareness through demonstration by respective class teachers through orientation program • Academic performance awareness of their child sent home through monthly profiles. • Slow learners improved through remedial classes • Syllabus covered awareness through monthly portion completed sent home.

  5. FEED BACK ON VISION PLAN 2010-11 • Advanced Planning: 9 • Helped to execute their presentation in better and confident way And in completion of syllabus on time • Planning of fieldtrips and day celebrations helped in achieving targets in excellence • Communication Matrix : 8.5 • Through individual and section teachers meetings • Parents through orientation program, sms, diaries, and one to one meetings • Masool/HOA through Individual and core meetings • Stringent Follow-up : 9 • Through weekly section and individual teachers meetings • Submission of Planning on time • Organizing activities • Celebrations in generating creative and knowledgeable work sheets and • Submitting reports to Idara monthly and in brief every three months • Draw Backs: • Poor transport facility for students from the provider • Poor cooperation from few parents for remedial classes

  6. GOALS ,OBJECTIVES & Action Plan To improvise the standard of Imparting knowledge Counseling for parents • Goodrelation • Good care of children • Partnership In Education/TarbiyatUmoor

  7. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES To stimulate and satisfy the child's curiosity about his environment Action Plan -field trips, -day celebrations

  8. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES To enhance their confidence level Action Plan -show and tell activities -conversations -interactions -competitions

  9. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES To develop eye -hand coordination & finer motor Movements Action Planorganizing Creative Activities (art and craft activities/games with beads, toys, balls etc. )

  10. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES Action Planphysical Training Program Once a week To develop the gross motor & To Cultivate disciplined behavior

  11. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES To develop their curiosity & thinking ability Action Plan Through recreational play, Craft Activities, Painting, Audio -Visuals

  12. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES To enhance cognitive development Action Plan -creative and educational worksheets CBT Program:- -Listening -observing -language -formation -interaction Conversing skills ( Mi Kids)

  13. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES Emphasize on 3d craft work for their project themes. Teaching through Demonstrations

  14. SYLLABUS COVERAGE • Syllabus bifurcated into two terms. ( June –October and november-march) • The two terms bifurcation will be then divided into monthly plan. • Detailed monthly lesson planning will be submitted by last week of every month for the upcoming month. • Log/weekly Planning will be submitted by the last working day of every week.

  15. Major Activities 2011-12 Mega Fancy dress competition Children are encouraged to speak individually on occasions like this to develop their language skills and confidence level

  16. Major Activities 2011-12 Toy Show & puppet Show Annual Sports Meet & Weekly Physical Exercises group activities - Cooperative learning

  17. Major Activities 2011-12 day celebrations to be organized every week with themes related to phonics Story Telling -competition

  18. Major Activities 2011-12 Field trips

  19. New practices for 2011-12 • Recognition and Identification of 3 kinds of letter ( Capitals, small and cursive) • Introduce sand paper tablet for pre writing skills for LKG (helps in preventing Mirror Image problems) • Introduction on formation of cursive hand writing in LKG ( only Letters) • Introduce the basic computer skills for LKG and Pre-First • Motivational badges to be made to encourage children in their developments. • Introduce cd’s for short stories ( approx 15 minutes) • Introduce role plays for these short stories.

  20. Communication Matrix- Parents • Orientation program:- - 21stjune 2011 orientation for nursery parents -25th June 2011orientation for LKg & Pre-First Parents • Discussion on rules and policies of the school • general guidelines on assisting the child at home in setting their daily routine after school • demonstration on different methods of imparting knowledge in the class room by the class teachers. • Parent teacher meetings : related to the academic/other developments of the child • Interaction: Through school diary • Through: SMS/phone calls • Through: Circulars

  21. Assessment System • Continuous and ongoing evaluation will be done on various learning skills viz. formation of letters, language skills, social, emotional skills, memory, cognitive development, eye hand co ordination, • Evaluation Sheet generated for Mi Kids Program after every lesson completed. • Monthly profiles/report on the academic performance and other developments of the ward will be observed, documented and sent home for parents perusal.

  22. VISION PLAN 2011-2012 Primary Section “ TRANSFORM THE CHILD, DON’T TRANSFER KNOWLEDGE” By H.O.S. RashidaMustansirJamali 13 -Visit us to know us Better

  23. Best Practices 0f 2010-11 • Assessment of each lesson for all subjects in different ways, eg. Reading, text book, note book, worksheets, projects. • Activity in Dua, every Monday in English, Hindi and Kannada, eg. Elocution, reading, short skit. • Scholastic Book Fair • Mass PT 13

  24. Achievements 2011-12 • ASSET Examinations • Taramandala Science talent Search Examinations • Field Trip: Lal Bagh, Freedom Park, Swimming and Activities in Country Club • Continuous Comprehensive Assessment • Follow Up of Vision Plan 2010-11 • Four Basic Mathematical Skills • English Language: Listening, Writing, Reading, and spoken • Mass PT Every Friday 13

  25. FEEDBACK ON VISION PLAN 2010-11 Advanced Planning - Lesson plan, log book, worksheets, teacher’s record book, text book, note book, assessment with dates, meetings, celebrations, Dua activities Score (10) : 9 Stringent Follow up - Lesson plan, log book, worksheets, teacher’s record book, text book, note book, student’s record book, text book, note book, classroom teaching observation,assessment book, Dua activities Score (10) : 9 Communication Matrix: Regular Weekly Meeting every Thursday with teachers Score (10) : 8 Drawbacks-Remedial measures related to home visit could not be achieved due to lack of time. 13

  26. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES 2011-2012 • Improvement of mathematical skills in students through Abacus. • To provide In-house teachers’ training /workshop. • Counseling for Parents for Good Relation and Partnership in Education • Taekwondo Martial Art 13 -Visit us to know us Better

  27. Action Plan • For Mathematical skills- to hire an Abacus professional once a week for all the four classes, crash course for 6 months which will be observed by the Mathematics teacher to be followed up later. • Every 2 months in-house training for teachers, to guide them with their teaching methodology, class management and correction of text and note books. • Counseling of parents by professional counselors after the Vision Plan Meeting on July 11, 2011 (Sunday) • Taekwondo will be classes twice a week Demonstration on March 17 2011by Mr. Taher bhai Tambawala , he will appoint the faculty for the next year 2011-12 13 -Visit us to know us Better

  28. SYLLABUS COVERAGE 13 -Visit us to know us Better

  29. Communication Matrix • Parents Orientation Programme on • June 18, 2011 • Parents Teachers General Meeting / Counseling / Vision Plan 2011-12 on • July 11, 2011 Sunday 13

  30. Assessment System For Std I to Std IV: They do not have term examination. Every lesson is taught and they are assessed and grades are given accordingly. Lessons are assessed by reading, comprehending, oral question and answer, class test, projects, written work. 13 -Visit us to know us Better

  31. Secondary Section VISION 2011 - 2012 presented by Amate Syedna(tus) Munira Ahmed (HoS) MSB Educational Institute Bangalore

  32. BEST PRACTICES 2010-11 Continuous evaluation system (weekly test) for classes V to IX. Monthly test and 3 mock test for X std at different levels Introduction of News in Education (Times of India) Mathematics and Science aptitude test: Asset, Aista and Taramandala Scholastic Book Fair Tree Plantation Drive Student’s Counseling

  33. ACHIEVEMENTS 2010-11 • Organized Weekly Test developed the continuous study habit with no examination fear • With the introduction of News in Education (TOI) students and teachers developed the skill of writing articles for publication • Aptitude test: students were placed at National and state level • As per Idara, one hour stay back of teachers reduced their work load. • Students’ counseling helped them in time management, self introspection, discipline,etc. • Scholastic book fair: developed passion towards reading

  34. Advanced Planning: (8) • Advanced planning helped in systematic organization of all academic and non-academic activities. All plans were made in advance and communicated well in advance to the teachers and students. • Stringent Follow up : (9) • Weekly section meeting, core team communication, Monthly and Quarterly Reports to Idara – • Communication Matrix (8) • Succeeded in communicating between------ • Students_____Teachers______HoS______HoA /Masool _______Idara • Drawbacks: • Lack of qualified and trained teachers • Home visit: not possible due to distance and transportation • Science Expo: not exhibited because of 5th MSB International - sports meet, Quran Musabequat and Quiz Challenge • E- Library : due to internet connection Feed Back On Vision plan 2010-11

  35. GOALS and OBJECTIVES 2011-12 • Appointment of trained and qualified teachers for English, Mathematics , Science, computer teacher and librarian. • Introduction of Abacus in classes V to VII to ease out mathematical calculation • 3 Workshop for teachers in the month of June, September and December on: • Time management • Child psychology • Schools best practices • Workshop for students in the month of June • Class IX Final examination to be conducted in January and Class X portion to be started immediately • Interaction among MSB students of South Zone • Orientation programme for parents

  36. ACTION PLAN Qualified teachers will be appointed, will advertise in news paper in March, thrice a week, observations will be done before school closes for summer vacations. Resource persons for workshop will be contacted in April and schedule will be planned on Saturdays IX std final examinations in January: Permission will be sought from Idara, after communicating from Karnataka Board for the availability of Text Books, Parents will be informed in new academic year. For MSB South Inter-Zone Meet: With the permission of Idara, approval from Chennai and Secundrabad MSB Parents orientation program: Resource person will be contacted and time and date will be finalized in April Activity Matrix will be introduced Communication matrix will be followed to implement the Action plan.

  37. SYLLABUS COVERAGE • Standard V to VIII, syllabus will be completed by the end of February • IX and X standard portions will be completed by the end of December • 55% of syllabus will be covered in the First term and 45% in the Second term. • Lessons will be planned, depending upon number of working days in a month. • Practical and theory classes will be planned according to the nature of the lesson


  39. Assessment System & Reporting • Syllabus bifurcation in the beginning of the year • Logbook will be checked weekly and yearly planner according to the planned lesson • Formal class observation twice a week • Remarks, feed back and follow-up of the lesson observed • Weekly Notebook Checking by HOS • Checking of test and Term exam question papers • One to one teacher meet with HoS weekly. • Section meet with HoS weekly • Monthly report to HoA and Idara • Communication matrix: • Student Teacher HoS HoA/Masool Idara Management

  40. STRINGENT FOLLOW-UP Monthly Vision Plan evaluation Weekly Section meeting Regular Classroom Teaching Observation Ensuring that every activity is well prepared and practiced Weekly Core Team Meeting Monthly report to Idara & Management Committee Strict Adherence to Communication Matrix