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Medical Weight Loss PowerPoint Presentation
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Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss

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Medical Weight Loss

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  1. Our realistic approach to weight management has been highly effective and safely used for many years. Whether your diet is based on reducing your carbohydrates or calories, the medication used to assist you is FDA approved and safe when used as directed. Unicorn Medispa

  2. Phase-I FREE CONSULTATION Here at Unicorn Health Services we offer FREE consultations with no obligation to you. During the consultation phase you will meet with one of our nutritional counselors. Your past and current medical history is reviewed and a program is outlined that best suits you. All of our programs are individually tailored. 

  3. Phase-II START UP Patient safety is our number one priority. All patients receive a blood test that will check liver and kidney functions, cholesterol, blood sugar, and complete blood count. Patients who are 40 years of age or older will have an EKG and thyroid panel. Dexa scans are optional to all patients. This scan checks bone density and body mass index. EXTENSIVE BLOOD PANEL EKG BONE DENSITY FAT BURNERS – blocks 10% of fat from being absorbed 3 – DAY ACCELERATION DIET – cleanses the body of sugars and carbohydrates BEFORE MEASUREMENTS BEFORE PHOTO

  4. Phase-III DR. CONSULTATION During this phase patients will meet with one of our physicians for a review of lab work and brief physical exam. This consultation ensures that you are in overall good health to start your weight loss transformation. DR. VISIT LAB REVIEW PHYSICAL EXAM APPETITE SUPPRESSANT (IF PRESCRIBED) WATER PILL (IF PRESCRIBED) MULTIVITAMIN B6 – B12, LIPO – DEN INJECTIONS WEEKLY VISITS WEIGHT (ONE TIME WEEKLY) BLOOD PRESSURE B6 – B12 VITAMIN INJECTIONS (ONE TIME WEEKLY) ONE ON ONE COMPLETE NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING

  5. Phase-IV FREE MAINTENANCE Programs paid in full will receive one year free maintenance. 99.9% OF PATIENTS WHO COMPLETE OUR MAINTENANCE PROGRAM WILL KEEP THEIR WEIGHT OFF. Once your weight loss goal is achieved Unicorn Health Services offers 52 weeks of free maintenance (with full program purchase). During the maintenance program, patients will start introducing more complex carbohydrates and reducing proteins. Patients will continue to come into the clinic once weekly for the services listed below. CONTINUED MEDICAL SUPERVISION BLOOD PRESSURE B6 – B12 VITAMIN INJECTION FINAL PHOTO FINAL MEASUREMENTS

 (702) 227-1916

  7. Helps normalize elevated lipid levels • Helps in appetite regulation and prevents weight gain • Stimulates gluconeogenesis, thereby increasing the metabolic rate • Spares the loss of protein in lean tissues • Causes calories to burned in a pattern not unlike thermogenisis • Boosts insulin efficiency and increases energy • Bioperine has been shown to increase bioavailability by 50 percent when combined with other ingredients

  8. Contact US @ FREE CONSULTATION Call Today 6830 S. Rainbow Blvd., Suite 130 Las Vegas, Nevada 89118 Our Business hours are: Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Sat: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm We are conveniently off the 215 and Rainbow.