crowdfunding and starts today n.
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Crowdfunding india

Crowdfunding india

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Crowdfunding india

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  1. CROWDFUNDING AND STARTS TODAY It is easy to realize your dreams!!

  2. WHAT IS CROWDFUNDING Crowd funding can be defined as a collective effort of many individuals, who network and pool their resources to support efforts initiated by other people. Individual projects and businesses are financed with small contributions from a large number of individuals, allowing innovators, entrepreneurs and business owners to utilise their social networks to raise capital.


  4. ABOUT UNIVERSAL CROWDFUNDING We would love to see you explore more About us. We at UNIVERSALCROWDFUND have set up this crowd funding platform with a solo motto of “Building a better tomorrow.” This platform aims at enabling distressed entrepreneurs achieve their dreams by providing growth to their creative, innovative and brave ideas by way of raising funds, by means of a reputed payment gateway on our platform, through this helping community. UNIVERSALCROWDFUND’s main idea popped up in our minds in February 2014 when by chance we came across some entrepreneurs who discussed their innovative business ideas with us and showed their inability to kick start their project due to lack of funds. Thus, we went on to proceed with setting up a platform which could really help budding entrepreneurs raise funds and cherish their dreams. As a team, UNIVERSALCROWDFUND values new ideas and innovations. Through our reach, networking and expertise we intent to help your ideas grow bigger and better. Now you can crowd fund your idea as a student, traveller, film maker, entrepreneur, artist or a technocrat. This soon is becoming an Universal concept.

  5. If you have a dream we can help you fund it!!Here are some of the hot categories for crowd funding projects. ART INNOVATION DESIGN FASHION FILM GAMES MUSIC

  6. WHY USE CROWDFUNDING? 1.  Because other funding sources are drying up (Forbes) 2.  Immediately land customers (EliteDaily) 3.  Contributors can help you build your company (Forbes) 4.  Conduct market research, build audience (Fullstart) 5.  Participate in the world's incubation platform (Guardian) 6.  Create more equality and opportunity in emerging markets (McKinsey) 7.  Connect with a younger audience (NYTimes) 8.  Crowdfunding provides financing for public projects that lack funds (Slashdot) 9.  Helping build small business ecosystems outside the U.S. (HuffPo) 10.  Screw the big banks (Economist)

  7. BENEFITS OF CROWDFUNDING It provides access to capital. It hedges risk. It serves as a marketing tool It gives proof of concept. It allows crowd sourcing of brainstorming. It introduces prospective loyal customers. It’s easier than traditional applications. It’s free pr. It provides the opportunity of pre-selling.

  8. STAGES OF CROWDFUNDING • Business Planning • Intellectual Property • Social Media • Public Relations • Campaign Strategy • Networking & Team Building • Website Development • Profile & Video • Fulfilment

  9. We at UNIVERSALCROWDFUND have set up this crowd funding platform with a solo motto of “Building a better tomorrow.”

  10. Contact info Address: Gurudeva Technologies LLP #207, Second Floor, MSR Capital, Morwadi, Pimpri, Pune-411019 Phone: +91 9371232207 (9AM - 6PM) (Mon - Fri) Email:

  11. Thank You