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Quartz And Your Kitchen Countertops

Read out this post to find why quartz countertops are an ideal choice for your kitchen.

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Quartz And Your Kitchen Countertops

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  1. Quartz And Your Kitchen Countertops

  2. Quartz is the most popular and durable material to be used as your kitchen countertop. It is the most stylish selection for your kitchen countertops that stand the test of time.

  3. Quartz countertops are very popular with modern home décor projects. Quartz is rated as the leading choice for getting a high style that delivers unmatched durability to your kitchen.

  4. Since it requires minimal maintenance, making it a perfect choice for a busy and heat prone area of the kitchen.

  5. It is actually considered as the best investment which will give you long term benefits. Quartz is a result of good engineering efforts, it has the properties of the natural stone.

  6. It is a perfect blend of 92% natural quartz, resin binders, and pigments. Quartz comes in a verity of color like- white, black, red, beige, gray, blue, gold, etc. and designs as beautiful as marble.

  7. Why quartz is an ideal choice- • Vast variety- Quartz is available in many colors and styles • Durability- It is resistant to scratches and low heat and thus indestructible and last longer

  8. Low maintenance- Require basic maintenance like cleaning, don’t get chipped or crack easily • Easy to clean- Smooth surface and thus easy to clean with a single swipe of a soft fabric

  9. Unique- Unique colors and patterns are available and it can mimic the look of natural stone. • Strong- When measured on a Mohs scale its hardness is seven, which a way too strong • Safe- Non-porus surface thus bacteria free

  10. Convenient- Less susceptible to staining and thus easy to work freely in the kitchen • Beautiful- Have a beautiful glossy sheen to it • Functional- Adds great value to money and home

  11. Trusted buying store- If you are going to invest in a new house or in a house remodeling project then buying quartz kitchen countertops charlotte NC from a trusted supplier is a must. So that you can get the best quality quartz for your beautiful kitchen.

  12. It will add a classic style and increase the resale value of your kitchen. Universal Stone - kitchen experts provide you a vast verity of rich and luxurious quartz to provide value to your money.

  13. We are passionate about providing you with the best. For an upscale kitchen that lasts for many years without damage, stains and bacterial presence invest in high-quality quartz available at our store.

  14. Visit our website to have a look for some amazing kitchen makeover quartz countertops. Shop now.

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