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Mistakes to avoid when Link Auditing PowerPoint Presentation
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Mistakes to avoid when Link Auditing

Mistakes to avoid when Link Auditing

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Mistakes to avoid when Link Auditing

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  1. Mistakes to Avoid when Link Auditing

  2. Using Link Removal for Anything and Everything Mistakes to Avoid when Link Auditing One of the most common mistakes when opting for link audit services is to apply it to everything and anything relating to your site. Many agencies follow this controversial method by sending requests to every webmaster for link removal. This method does nothing but harm your reputation and brand name. Stay away from such agencies as they will not benefit your business in any way.

  3. Mistakes to Avoid when Link Auditing Looking at only a Fraction of the Backlink Profile The problem with link detox software is often doesn’t enforce a limit on the link profile. Chances are you may use a $99 starter plan to run a link audit report on a rather large domain. This may not work in your favor with only a fraction of the backlink profile actually being audited in the end. When choosing backlink audit services, it is imperative that you choose a link audit plan that matches the size of your domain and takes your business profile and needs into account. Cheaper plans often entail only a partial backlink profile analysis and this will no doubt hurt your business. If you are outsourcing the work to an agency, ensure to sit down with them beforehand to work out the costs involved in a full backlink profile analysis. Work closely with the team to make sure you are getting the services you paid for.

  4. Mistakes to Avoid when Link Auditing Disavowing Links and Waiting too Long Most bad link removal services will help you create a disavow list, which you need to upload and then wait for Google to discover these disavowed links. Unfortunately, some companies do not stick around long enough for this discovery, resulting in it taking months or even years for these links to be discovered by Google. This can also lead to several reconsideration requests being rejected in the process. Your best bet is to use a link audit boost software within 48 hours of uploading the disavow file which will speed up the discovery of disavowed links. Consequently, this initiates a recovery of these links in a shorter time period.

  5. Mistakes to Avoid when Link Auditing Not Disavowing all Weak Links When opting for link disavow services, a common mistake is to choose only random links from the list and disavow them while neglecting others. This can hurt your business tremendously since you may end up choosing some natural links in the process. Be sure to disavow all weak links rather than choosing random ones.

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