muhsd cahsee site training 2011 2012 n.
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MUHSD CAHSEE Site Training 2011-2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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MUHSD CAHSEE Site Training 2011-2012

MUHSD CAHSEE Site Training 2011-2012

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MUHSD CAHSEE Site Training 2011-2012

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  1. MUHSD CAHSEE Site Training2011-2012

  2. Timing -- Approximate Working Time

  3. Exam Content • Day 1: English-Language Arts (ELA) • 79 multiple choice questions and 1 essay question matched to the California ELA academic content standards. • The ELA examination will be administered on Tuesday in two separate sessions (Session 1 and 2) contained in the same booklet. Students must complete session 1 before moving on to Session 2. No student within an exam location can be read the instructions for or begin Session 2 if any student is still working on Session 1. • Day 2: Mathematics • 92 multiple-choice questions matched to the California mathematics academic content standards. • The Math examination will be administered on Wednesday in two separate sessions (Session 1 and 2) contained in the same booklet; session 2 is sealed to keep students from working ahead. Students must complete Session 1 before moving on to Session 2. No student within an exam location can be read the instructions for or begin Session 2 if any student is still working on Session 1.

  4. Test Examiners/Proctors responsibilities - • Review test examiners manual and become familiar with testing procedures prior to testing. • Review and follow all test security procedures. • Follow test administration instructions. • Read the scripts word-for-word. • IMPORTANT: Documents are pre-identified – students do not need to grid demographic information (name, birthday, etc.) • Verify the identity of the students through the use of photo-identification or positive recognition by an employee of the district.

  5. Test examiners responsibilities continued: • Check answer documents (1st day) for student’s signature on document and test booklet. • Ensure that student is using the correct test booklet and answer document. Verify version and serial number of test booklet is bubbled in. • No materials other then test exam, answer document and pencil should be on desk. Monitor students to be sure they are on task. Ensure they are on the right section and marking documents correctly. • No food, drinks, i-pods, cell phones should be out as document could be damaged and/or test invalidated.

  6. Testing Variations, Accommodations, and Modifications • Ensure students receiving Special Education services are provided the accommodations and modifications listed in the Student’s IEP or Section 504 Plan • Authorized Signature – The CAHSEE Site Coordinator, or a designated person who completes Box 13 must sign the answer document to indicate that all accommodations and/or modifications specified in the IEP or Section 504 Plan were offeredto the student whether the student actually usedthe accommodations, modifications or not. A listing of CDE approved variations, accommodations and modifications are listed on Appendix A in coordinator’s manual. • Complete the following fields only after and only ifthe student uses them: • Accommodations and Modifications (Box 13) (See pages 7 & 65-66 in Manual) • English Learner Test Variations (Box 18) (See pages 7 and 67 in manual)

  7. Test Security • Only those employees who are directly involved in administering the test have access to the test materials. • Materials must be picked up on day of test administration and returned upon completion of the exam (same day). • Must be kept in a secure, locked storage area at all times when they are not in use. • Must be protected from loss, theft, or reproduction in any medium. • Anyone with access to test materials must sign a Test Security Affidavit and have it on file with the District Testing Coordinator prior to test administration.

  8. Test Security continued • Arrangement of testing locations • Effort should be made to have students facing the same direction and spaced at least four feet from center of desk. • Educational posters/literature in the room that may assist students in the test should be covered up or taken down before the CAHSEE administration. • All responses to be recorded with no. 2 pencil.

  9. Last minute reminders… • Students may not utilize scratch paper, space is available for problem solving in test booklet. • Students are not allowed to use calculators, except if it is noted on their IEP. • When answer documents are returned to examiner verify they have signed their booklet, answer document, bubbled in test book serial number and version, etc.

  10. Per CDE - Students are to sit quietly with nothing on their desk once they have completed the test if: • any student is still being tested . • and/or if all test materials have not been collected and secured.