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Top 8 Winter Wear Hacks: How to Stylized Yourself in Winter?

Say goodbye to your winter chills! Urban India brings you Indian ethnic winter wear for women. Pick it up to your favourite attire & groom yourself in winter

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Top 8 Winter Wear Hacks: How to Stylized Yourself in Winter?

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  1. Top 8 Winter Wear Hacks: How to Stylized Yourself in Winter? Winter is coming and so is the wedding season. You'd definitely need a guide to style yourself for those happening parties as well as the special days. This time of the year requires considerable attention to your styling for two cases. First is the usual reason behind dressing up, to feel good and the second is to keep the body warm! The coming winter is going to be extra chilly. Will that stop you from attending that wedding or party you were looking forward to? A definite no! The millennials are known for their innovative ideas. Thus, here's a wide range of contemporary attires to don and slay this season. Velvet Saree: The velvet fibre is both heavy and soft, making it perfect for sarees. These sarees have a distinct regal appeal attached to it and provide a comforting warmth as well. They are one of the best when it comes to winter wear for women. Stay warm and look serene at the same time!

  2. Choose plain colours with thin borders for the parties whereas notch it up with broad embellished borders for special occasions. The heaviness makes them fall perfectly which accentuates your natural frame and lifts your allure significantly. It is perfectly balanced apparel for up-town events. Gowns: The range of these winter wear for women is wide as it’s where the subcontinental and western fashion blends. Designers have understood the potential in the Indian market and have come out with innovative fashion solutions for winter. Gowns are excellent for both parties and traditional

  3. occasions. A long gown covering your body up to the feet not only keeps you warm but also assists you to resonate with a queen-ish vibe. A layered gown with heavy floral embroidery is the most famous wedding attire in recent times. It also has a mid-slit down the waist that reveals a glimpse of the lustrous white layer beneath. The solid colour gown with the least embellishments and a broad neck is popular for parties. One can wear diamonds alongside the gown to elevate their overall appearance! Layered Kurti:

  4. Kurti has been an essential part of Indian women’s wear for ages. They are simple to put on and very comfortable as well. The layered option to this attire is perfect if you are looking for something ethnic to wear for that official event. It keeps you warm as this winter wear for women consists of 2-3 layers of clothing. It grants a sophisticated look and augments your Charisma. The layered option also gives you a chance to experiment with your imagination. One can either go for contrasting patterns or add layers of distinct textures to look unique. They are available with side slits or high-low slits. There’s an option

  5. for all ages as the designs come in various prints like solid, patchwork, floral or embellished. One can also don the Kurti-style salwar suit for weddings ! Silk Saree: This saree has been the favourite attire for weddings and let us inform you, it's perfect for winter. Silk as a fabric is warm and helps you stay warm in those chilly night functions. It adjusts to your body temperature and traps body heat. The Kanjivaram silk sarees have become a permanent feature in any wedding around India. Either you see the bride donning it in style or the guests. You'd surely spot a few walking around the buffet with heavy jewellery and ethnic designed silk sarees!

  6. There is a variety of winter wear for women but the silk sarees stand out for their unique shine and royal demeanour. You can go for white silk sarees with golden borders for important festivals. For parties, one can go with Patola or Paper silk sarees. Light jewellery alongside comfortable designer footwear would be perfect to dance the night away. Pashmina Salwar Suit: The new year party is just around the corner and you'd obviously like to look awesome at the last midnight of the year. Other than resembling the beautiful moon, you'd also love warmth to help you get through the party

  7. comfortably. The Pashmina is a type of wool also known as 'Soft Gold' in Kashmir! This winter wear for women provides a modern and sophisticated look at the same time. Instead of opting for a fur vest and hiding your beautiful frame, accentuate it with the Pashmina party wear salwar kameez . These attires are mostly hand-spun in Kashmir and parts of Nepal. Long Jacket Lehenga/Saree/Anarkali: The jacket has been an innovative addition to many ethnic as well as modern style clothing. Fashion walks globally are featuring a range of jacket style

  8. attires, be it the saree, lehenga or salwar kameez. Jackets for women come in various types as well as long-sleeved jackets, heavily embroidered jackets, leather jackets, and denim jackets. These winter wear for women will keep you warm and also provide a bold look. The designer lehenga choli for weddings has a long flowing skirt with a silk jacket or chiffon jacket. These lehengas provide an elegant outstanding look to your already existing natural beauty. Coming cold weather would prompt the use of sweaters over a saree but instead of them, one can opt for jackets. The jacket blouses are an innovative twist to deliver warmth,

  9. comfort, and glamour. The Anarkali suits are also out with layers these days, making them ideal for late-night celebrations. Paithani Saree: This apparel is excellent as a winter outfit because of its imperial charm and warming comfort. It uses an ancient method of mending threads of multiple colours with gold and silver cords to form a 6-yard long wonder. This stunning piece of cloth consists of natural motifs inspired by the Ajanta

  10. caves. It's heavy with a solid zari border and bright in colour making it appropriate as a wedding saree . In these women’s winter wear for women, the border has dominance over the holistic look of the garb. The pallu is different from the body with respect to colours and at times designs too. Some famous Paithani colours are Mirani (Red-Black), Firozi (White-Red-Green) and Vangi (Aubergine Purple). This saree is the best for up-town weddings or special celebrations. Harem Salwar Suit:

  11. These dresses are one of the most comfortable winter wear for women. They are mostly made of tight-knit cotton and have a baggy look with a fitted ankle. The kameez you wear with it can be short or long based on your preference. Go for a silk kameez with a cotton-silk harem pant to achieve the ideal blend of warmth and style! If you are worried about the footwear, both ankle boots and knee boots look good with these pants. These party wear salwar kameez are good for both gala events and festival celebrations. Flaunt your desi style and slay the trend with innovative designs. The humans would give you a bubbly look whereas accessorizing with platinum or diamond would provide a sophisticated look.

  12. Conclusion: To conclude, instead of practising the usual routine of buying winter wear, opt for the desi dresses this time. Go for the remarkably stylish and warm options stated above and give Indian designers a new voice! Visit Urban India today and check out with a cart full of satisfaction and comfortable warmth. They take the utmost care of quality as well as ensure that the prices don’t scare you away. What are you waiting for?

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