how did humans impact their environment n.
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How did Humans Impact their Environment? PowerPoint Presentation
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How did Humans Impact their Environment?

How did Humans Impact their Environment?

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How did Humans Impact their Environment?

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  1. How did Humans Impact their Environment? Talent 21 By: Logan Berman

  2. Introduction • How did humans impact their environment? • Humans affected their environments in many ways. They stole from the Earth and used up a lot of its resources. Humans affected their environments in different eras also. The most time humans impacted their environments were in several eras. People helped and destroyed their environments to help themselves survive and now we are starting to recognize how they developed the way they have hurt and helped the environment.

  3. After Glacier Age • Lakes and rivers. The glaciers indented massive amount of land to make lakes and rivers and melted into these indents. • Warmer environment. After the glacier age there were a lot warmer environment so people could begin civilizations. • Crops. When the glacier age was over crops could have grown and not have been freezing over.

  4. Early Man • Tools. Early man used antlers, bone, wood, and stone to build their tools. • Spears. Early man used a good amount of stone and wood to make spears for hunting and weapons. • Tents. Early man used skin and bone to make tents which had them kill many animals.

  5. Early Farmers • Irrigation ditches. Early farmers used irrigation ditches to bring water to their crops faster than by hand they dug little ditches directly to their crops to water them. • Pools and Dams. Early farmers used pools and dams to store water when droughts came. • Agriculture. Early famers used agriculture for food and planted tons of wheat, barely, and rye. Now fields are plentiful with these plants.

  6. Mesopotamia • Bronze age. This age was when the Mesopotamians build weapons and implements all out of bronze this took away tons of bronze from the earth. • Mud bricks. The Mesopotamians used mud bricks to build houses to ziggurats. This took up a huge amount of mud from the earth. • Wheel. The Mesopotamians used large amounts of wood for the wheel to carry, travel, and fight with on chariots.

  7. Egypt • Pyramids. This affected their environment because they had to pull out huge chunks of stone out of the ground to build the pyramids. • Papyrus. They had to cut down tons of papyrus to make paper for all Egypt • Ships. The Egyptians had to cut down a lot of trees to build all their ships for trade and transportation.

  8. Greece • The soil is not very good for growing things. There are a lot of mountains so it was hard to walk from place to place. • There was never enough fresh water. This was why a lot of people settled in Egypt and Fertile Crescent than in Greece. • There is a lot of coastlines in Greece. Greece was no longer than forty miles from a beach.

  9. Rome • Salt flats near the city. They used this to collect salt because salt was very important. • Rome is located at the first place that people can easily cross the Tiber river. • Romans had to learn to fight and conquer in different environments like deserts, mountains, swamps, and forests. • Aqueducts. They served drinking water and supplied the numerous baths and fountains. There were eleven in Rome.

  10. Conclusion • In the past there were major impacts on the environment that humans have created. In recent time we are still changing the environment but not just changing the ground and earth but the atmosphere also. People today pollute the air and water so much only three percent of the worlds water is clean. Every time period has impacted their environment but recently we were hurting it the most. We are noticing now that we are killing the land so we are trying to reverse our mind to be earth friendly.