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Accessorizing – The Best Aid To Dressing PowerPoint Presentation
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Accessorizing – The Best Aid To Dressing

Accessorizing – The Best Aid To Dressing

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Accessorizing – The Best Aid To Dressing

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  1. Article 3: Accessorizing – The Best Aid To Dressing A simple dress can change a lot with the right accessories. With fashion trends changing constantly, it is impossible to invest in dresses to suit the ever changing needs. What can be done, instead, is investing in accessories. The right accessory can completely change the way a dress looks, and pairing different combinations of dresses and accessories can give completely new outfits. What Is An Accessory An accessory is usually something that is combined with a dress, but not as a part of the main dress, and is used as an additional thing that beautifies the dress. Common accessories include fashion jewelry, costume jewelry, women’s clutch bags, handbags, and evening bags. Accessories are used with the purpose of improving the look of a dress, and are often the defining pieces of any ensemble. Using them right would create fashion trends and since some accessories are timeless, meaning they can survive the constant fluctuation in what is considered the latest fashion. Accessorizing In Moderation Though accessories are essential for any dresses, there are certain unspoken ‘rules’ to be followed. Accessories should not be overloaded– it is not a good idea to overdo accessories. Using too many bold pieces can work in the reverse; taking the focus away from the dress and making it seem too loud. Accessories are usually worn such – one statement piece, combined, if interested, with milder pieces. Many people even prefer to use just one defining piece while accessorizing. Pair them right– if you are wearing a gold ornament, or any other piece of fashion jewelry, pairing them with accessories made of other types of materials would ruin the effect. A silver neckband combined with a gold bracelet will not only look out of place, but also ruin the individual striking effect of both these pieces. Choose the right ones– while it is essential to go with the modern trends, it is also important to choose the jewelry or handbag that suits the person. Ultimately, all dresses and accessories should suit the wearer. A dress/jewelry combination that looks good on the stands might not create the same awesome effect when worn. It is better to stick with the style that works instead of following the latest trends and mismatching.

  2. Article 3: Going with the simple dresses– the right dress is a perfect match of simplicity and elegance. Usually, if the dresses themselves are loud, they take the focus away from accessories and can in turn result in the dress being remarkably unforgettable for all the wrong reasons. Simple dresses have another advantage. They can be combined with just about any different set of accessories, and the resultant ensemble can look like different outfits altogether. Understanding statement pieces – statement pieces are those defining, special, unique pieces that completely grab the attention when used in an ensemble. They can be a uniquely designed necklace, an evening hand bag that stands out. They are often used with simple dresses to enhance the effect and become the focal point. Many online jewelry stores and fashion jewelry websites including sell cheap clutch bags, wholesale fashion handbags, wedding clutch bags and a whole range of other accessories. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Kevin Grant is an expert in jewelry designing and an avid writer, who likes to costume jewelry, wholesale fashion jewelry and wholesale jewelry. He recommends as the name you should trust for anything related to jewelry, wholesale fashion jewelry and wholesale jewelry.