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By: Charlotte Beggs 1 st Hour Cummins PowerPoint Presentation
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By: Charlotte Beggs 1 st Hour Cummins

By: Charlotte Beggs 1 st Hour Cummins

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By: Charlotte Beggs 1 st Hour Cummins

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  1. By: Charlotte Beggs 1st Hour Cummins

  2. Setting

  3. S Future England This is a picture of a future city and this is what I imagine the Bell’s town to look like. This book takes place in the future, at the end of the 20th century. It is set in England. I know it is from the future because there are robots everywhere and everything is high tech in the Bell’s society. I also know it if from the future because Grumps, a robot in the book, tells us that his robot ancestors dated all the way back to the 21st century.

  4. S The Bell’s House This is a picture of the Bell’s house. I imagined it with two floors and to be a little smaller. The main setting in the book is the Bell’s house. This is where they all live. The center of the house is an atrium, or courtyard. The atrium is paved with brick and full of plants and flowers. The house is built of glass and steel. It was designed by Mr. Bell who is an architect. After the atrium, there is a wide opening onto the ground-level rooms. There is a half landing with an office, exercise room and study area, and bedrooms and bathrooms were on the top floor.

  5. S The Learning Center This is a picture of the learning center. I imagine the main building to look like this. The learning center is where Fleur and Gavin go to school. It is very different compared to schools today. As you approach it, there is a wide stone gateway with humans and robots carved into it. There are many buildings, one for each subject in school.

  6. S Marcia’s House This is a picture of Marcia’s house. Since she is a technocrat I imagine it to be a lot bigger than the Bell’s house. Marcia’s father is a technocrat. A technocrat, in this book, is a scientist who creates robots. Technocrats are very rich people, therefore she has a big house. It is very similar to the Bell’s house, but it is much bigger and has more of the latest technology.

  7. S Mrs. Bell’s Hotel This is a picture of Mrs. Bell’s Hotel. They described it as a large stone building like this. Mrs. Bell is the General manager of a huge hotel in the city. This is where part of the climax took place. In the book it describes the hotel of a huge stone building with balconies on each floor.

  8. Characters

  9. C Eager (EGR3) • Eager is the main character in this book. • He is a robot who can think for himself. He can make his own decisions. • Eager is very curious about the world. He wants to learn more about it too. • He looks like a pile of very narrow tires. He facial features are made of rubber. • Eager is a major character, let alone the main character. • He is a protagonist in the story. • Eager is a dynamic character, meaning he changes throughout the book. This is how I imagine Eager. I took this off of the cover of the book. He has rubber tire structures for his arms and legs as shown here.

  10. C Grumps • Grumps is the robot butler for the Bell’s. He cooks their food and watches over Charlotte while they are gone. • He is a major character in the story • He is a static character, because he really doesn’t change. • He is a protagonist in the story. • Grumps doesn’t have feelings because he is a robot. • His timer broken so he can’t tell time. Because of this he will sometimes make dinner for breakfast for breakfast for dinner. • Grumps is very old, so he has a gravelly voice and his wheels squeak as he rolls around the house. • Everyday Grumps accompanies Fleur and Gavin to the learning center. This is how I imagine Grumps. He was an older robot so he wasn’t as up to date as Eager was.

  11. C Gavin Bell • Gavin a a major character • Gavin is a dynamic character, because in the beginning of the book, he thought BDC4s were good until they started acting different. • He is a protagonist because he tries to defend against the BDC4’s. • He is 11 years old. • Gavin is Fleur’s little brother. • In the book they don’t give a really good description of his physical appearance. I picture him having blonde hair and a buzz cut. This is how I imagine Gavin. He was about 11 years old and had blonde hair with a buzz cut.

  12. C Fleur Bell • Fleur is major character in the story. • She is a protagonist. • She is a dynamic character, • Fleur is Gavin’s older sister. • Fleur, throughout the book, had many fights and issues with her best friends Marcia. • She doesn’t like robots all that much. • She has blonde hair and gray eyes. • Throughout the book, I think Fleur feels lonely because Marcia has ditched her as her best friend. This is how I imagine Fleur. She looked like a very shy teenager. She has blonde hair and gray eyes.

  13. C Marcia • Marcia is a major character in the story. • Boadicea is her evil robot, although she doesn’t know it. • Marcia is a dynamic character. In the beginning she was friends with Fleur, until she got her BDC4, and then befriended her. In the end, Marcia realized how bad Boadicea was and became friends with Fleur again. • She is a technocrat, meaning her dad is a scientist and is very rich. • She is very full of herself and doesn’t think of others that often. • She has chestnut-colored hair. This is how I imagine Marcia. She was very pretty and full of herself because her parents were rich.

  14. C Boadicea • Boadicea is Marcia’s, Fleur’s best friend’s, robot. • She is the newest kind of robot of the time. They are called BDC4’s. • Boadicea’s head is a burnished dome, and her long legs are sculptured like the statue of a Greek goddess. • Boadicea is an antagonist in the book. At the climax, the BDC4s have an evil plan to take over the world, but thankfully are shut down before they do so. • Boadicea is defidently a dynamic character. She starts in the book as a great robot, wanting to be friends with everyone. By the end, she is trying to take over the world with other BDC4’s. • Boadicea becomes best friends with Marcia, leaving Fleur in the dust. This is a picture of Boadicea the famous queen of the British Iceni. I am guessing Boadicea the robot was designed to look like her.

  15. C Other Minor Characters • Mrs. Bell: Mrs. Bell is Fleur, Gavin, and Charlotte’s Mom. Her first name is Chloe. She is a protagonist. She is dynamic. • Mr. Bell: Mr. Bell is Fleur, Gavin, and Charlotte’s dad. Her is an architect. He is a protagonist. He is dynamic. • Charlotte Bell:Charlotte Bell is Gavin and Fleur’s baby sister. She is static. She is a protagonist. • Professor Ogden: Professor Ogden is the scientist who created Eager. He is dynamic and he is a protagonist. • Errol and Srin: Errol and Srin are the marauders who tried to take Gavin’s jinn and his gym bag. They are static. They are antagonists because they try to rob him.

  16. Figurative Language

  17. F Imagery • “…they could hear the gental lapping of waves.” (Page 61) • 2) “…butterflies in dazzling colors flitted across the beach.” (Paged 61) • “…had the sensation of lying on warm sand.” (Page 61) • “Those smells – coconut and lemon and something piney…” (Page 62) Foreshadowing • “EGR3…I believe you are ready.” (Page 3) I think the professor was saying that EGR3 was ready to move in with a family but it could’ve meant many things. • “She was going to attack you!” (Page 112) I think Boadicea the robot is going to turn against society and start to hurt humans, which is against robot laws.

  18. F Smile 1) “…her long limbs sculptured like the statue of a Greek goddess.” (Page 25) Metaphor • “But my heart is a lonely hunter that hunts on a lonely hill.” (William Sharp, The • Lonely Hunter) Citation: Alliteration • “Alice’s aunt ate apples and acorns around August.” • Citation:

  19. F Personification • “The birds in the lime tree began their chorus.” (Page 4) • “The new robot…was wearing a bathrobe.” (Page 173) Onomatopoeia • “Nahhhhh! Nahhhhhh!” (Page 93) • “Mmmmmm.” She reached for a biscuit.” (Page 93) • “…there was a discrete chirping from the jinn on Gavin’s wrist.” (Page 27)

  20. Plot

  21. P Rising Action- the series of events that lead up to the climax. • Grumps serves tomato soup for breakfast. The Bell’s decide it is time for a new robot. • Marcia introduces her BDC4, Boadicea, to Gavin and Fleur. • Gavin goes with Mr. Bell to Professor Ogden’s lab to get Eager. He is very interested in the Professors creations. • Fleur goes over to Marcia’s house and learns about the ocean in a simulation. Marcia brags about how she has been there and Fleur has not. This makes Fleur very mad. • Grumps starts to teach Eager how to make meals, clean, and other things robots have to do. • When Charlotte spilled jelly all over herself, Eager thought to put her in a washing machine. Grumps caught him and got really mad. Eager didn't realize he was about to harm her. • Marcia claims that she hasn’t had time for Fleur because of Boadicea. Fleur gets really depressed and Eager tries to talk to her, but it doesn’t work. • Marcia wanted to show Gavin the pot she made, so when she asked Boadicea for it, Boadicea swung her arm at Marcia as if to attack her. Gavin thought this was unusual. The Tomato Soup Grumps served for Breakfast. The ocean simulation at Marcia’s house. The washer that Eager tried to put Charlotte into. The pink pot Marcia wanted to show Gavin.

  22. P Rising Action Continued • Gavin decides to spy on Marcia as she walks home. As he is spying, Eager shows up wanting to help him break in tot the technocrat’s sub division. They successfully do so, only to see the BDC4’s lined up in an orderly line as if to go to war. Gavin and Eager find this interesting. • Gavin and Eager are leaving, and all of the sudden, marauders, or robbers, show up out of the blue and try to take Gavin’s bag and his jinn (watch). Eager comes to the rescue. Gavin and Fleur thought the BDC4s were acting suspiciously, but Mr. and Mrs. Bell didn’t think so. The robbers tried to take Gavin’s watch and his gym bag. The BDC4s lined up as if to go to war

  23. P Climax- The point of the story where everything changes. All of the conflicts are solved. • Minor Climax: Gavin and Fleur find out there are BDC4s at the hotel Mrs. Bell works at. So, when they were at dinner at the hotel, Gavin and Fleur set it up so that Eager would go to the penthouse to spy on the BDC4s. Eager saw the robots acting a lot like humans. They were dancing, lounging, and even wearing clothes. Mrs. Bell caught him spying and grounded him from ever leaving the house. Gavin and Fleur were now very suspicious. • Minor Climax: After the unfortunate incident, Mr. Bell wanted to go on a day trip. They decided to go take a walk through the forest. As they were walking, they saw a huge lorry (tractor) driving toward them. Grumps threw Charlotte behind him as he was being bulldozed. Eager raced and caught Charlotte. The Bells were very sad about Grumps, but very grateful that Eager caught Charlotte. He was ungrounded. The BDC4s were wearing bath robes. Grumps was bulldozed by a lorry.

  24. Climax continued • Major Climax: Since Grumps was gone, Mr. Bell had to accompany Gavin and Fleur to school. As they were approaching the school, Marcia ran up to Mr. Bell claiming Boadicea had taken her family hostage. Mr. Bell, Marcia, Fleur, and Gavin jumped on a hoverbus to go to the factory where Mr. Bell worked. They got to the factory. Marcia wanted to go to LifeCorp headquarters, the company that created to robots, but they couldn’t. While Gavin and Fleur were waiting for their dad, Marcia called a flying pod to take her to headquarters to see what she could do. Mr. Bell got a call from Mrs. Bell that the BDC4s were trying to destroy everything and that she called home for Eager but he wasn’t there. Mr. Bell, Gavin, and Fleur got to the hotel to find chaosThere were police every where. Mr. Lobsang, the head of LifeCorp, was upstair trying to talk to the BDC4s. Meanwhile, Eager was trying to get back to Professor Ogden because he didn’t want to cause anymore trouble. He got on a hoverbus and went to his house. When he knocked on the door, he dropped into a dark hole. He heard voices. He realized one of them was Srin’s voice. The others left and Srin looked at Eager and realized he was the robot that saved him. He immediately cut him loose from the net. Srin asked Eager where he wanted to go, so he took Eager to Professor Ogden. On the other hand, The police had come to the hotel and were trying to stop the robots. Because there was nothing the Bell could do at the moment, the went to the bar area at the hotel to watch the television for news. On the news was Professor Ogden! He was now head of robotics at LifeCorp. The professor was talking about why the robots were acting so weird. Apparently, they wanted to create a robot that had human-like characteristics. They would have to have a brain to do this though, so they took the brains of dead people. Since the BDC4s had the brains of dead people, they wanted to create memories that they had from when the “brains” were humans. The Bell’s thought this was very spooky. Then they heard a cry of alarm. The BDC4s had taken Mr. Lobsang hostage. They were trying to take him somewhere, and since they couldn’t shut them down, all they could do was follow. In the meantime, Srin took Eager to see Professor Ogden. He was very happy to see him, But the professor looked in a hurry. Apparently, he had gotten a distress call from the hotel to follow the BDC4s. Eager decided to go along with him.

  25. Climax continued Eager and Professor Ogden get a flying pod and start to follow the BDC4s. It looked as if they were going toward the coast. That’s when Professor Ogden remembered that one of the brains of the robots was a sailor’s brain. He thought that maybe they were going to the coast to recreate a memory from the sailors life. He was indeed correct. As they got closer, Eager started to sense the BDC4s frequencies. The flying pod landed. They were on a beach. Eager could sense the robots in the distance. He started to walk toward them. He sensed he was on a cliff. It was pitch black outside. He stretched his arms out to their fullest and grabbed Mr. Lobsang. He started to push all of the BDC4s off the cliff until they were gone. The BDC4s were gone and all was well. This is a picture to represent Eager fighting off the BDC4s. This picture is to represent Eager getting caught. This picture is to represent Boadicea taking Marcia’s family hostage This picture represents a flying pod.

  26. Conflict

  27. C Conflicts • Man vs. Self: Eager was debating to himself if her was alive or not. He was a machine and could think for himself, but did that really mean he was alive and had a soul? • Man vs. Society: Gavin Bell thought the BDC4s were not good robots and were acting suspiciously. Nobody else in the community agreed with him, although he ended up correct in the end. • Man vs. Man: Fleur was fighting with Marcia because she felt Marcia was becoming to attached to her robot Boadicea and was not hanging out with her anymore. They got into a huge fight and Fleur wouldn’t talk to Marcia. Fleur and Marcia got in a fight because Fleur felt that Marcia was ignoring her. This is a picture to represent Eager in great thought. Gavin’s idea was turned down by everyone who he told.

  28. ThemeandResolution

  29. T Theme Throughout the book the author questions what it really means to be alive, using robots. Are robots human or are they just machines? For example: In the Epilogue, Eager was talking to the gobetween (computer simulation) and was telling it: “Humans have something I’ll never have. It’s mysterious, some sort of life force. Yet they take it for granted. It’s the same life force as the trees and the birds and the rocks have…” (page 280) Another example from the book is in the beginning when grumps served tomato soup for breakfast. Mrs. Bell didn’t want to hurt Grumps feelings, but Gavin reminded her that Grumps didn’t have feelings because he was a robot. This is a picture to represent that robots can’t have feelings. They are not like humans.

  30. R Resolution After the BDC4s are shut down, the city goes back to normal. Eager was hurt while helping shut down the BDC4s, so Professor Ogden replaced several parts of his body. The Bell’s went to see if Eager remembered them or if he had any brain damage. They entered the little room he was kept in and immediately ran over to them. Eager was okay and had no brain damage. He went back to live with the bells as their new butler. All was well. This is a picture to represent Mrs. Bell asking if Eager remembers her and the family.

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