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  1. ALL ABOUT ME!!!! BY:CourtneyRaggett

  2. WHEN & WHERE I WAS BORN! My name is Courtney DanyelleRaggettI was born and raised in Beaumont Tx. All my life my birthday is June 19,1996 : ) I am a GEMINI My mother name is Marcelinaand my father name is Raymond I have a brother named Corey and Chris and my dog name is chino lol!!!!

  3. Likes & Dislikes • ~Likes~ I like too hang with my family and friends I love too go shopping.My favorite food is pasta I like cheddars…my I like the movie love & basketball my best movie of all times so far!! • ~Dislikes~ I hate when people smack but I don’t have a choice but to get over it I don’t like too be bothered sometimes when I don’t feel good….thats all on my likes an dislikes that I can tell you!

  4. Details about my family!!!!!! • Each one of my family members is special in there own way like my mom she is a beautiful person I love her so much she’s like my best friend! My dad he is a wonderful father he has given me some good advice throughout my years and I take it! My brother chris me and him have a bond as if we were good friends but at the same time we show our brother sister love he takes me places buys me things we like too hang out! My brother corey is a very special person he is funny we have our ups and downs but we get over them we just show our love too one another : ) and I <3 my dog CHINO !!!I also miss my pawpaw each and everyday I will never forget him he will always and forever be in my heart no one can take his spot!!!

  5. Favorite Activities!! • MY favorite ativities are ,I like playing volleyball but I don’t play for school umm I also like too play softball I only played that for 2 years already and I learned a lot ! • I wanna learn how too play the piano I can only play twinkle twinkle little star lol some other things I like too do is shop and dress up that’s stuff I would do if I ever get bored is just dress up and don’t go no were….i like too go to football games and play football in my backyard with my bro jus something too do!!!I also like too hang out with my friends on weekends I mean who doesn’t!

  6. THE SILYY THINGS I DO…! • THE funny things I like too do Is crack jokes sing even though I cant sing good haha….i like too redo movie clips and try too act it out I really jus like too clown around sometimes !!!nothing really else but ima very fun person I have a great personality : )

  7. GOAL THAT WANT TOO ACHEIVE • I want too do good in high school so I can go too college and get a great degree I like Texas university in Austin Tx. And also Mcnesse in Lake Charles they both have nice campassesI went too visit them… I don’t know what I would like tomajor in when I get too college but eventually ill figure it out!!!If I work hard enough and put effort into everything I do maybe I can get a scholorship!

  8. Ending : ) • Well that’s all I have too say for my presentation so now you know about me and what I like too do and my goals that I want too achieve so thanks for listening!!!! ( :