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Best Dimmable Led Downlight - Ledmyplace PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Dimmable Led Downlight - Ledmyplace

Best Dimmable Led Downlight - Ledmyplace

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Best Dimmable Led Downlight - Ledmyplace

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  1. BEST DIMMABLE LED DOWNLIGHT Baffle Disk Light Eye Ball Square


  3. Best Dimmable LED Downlights • Dimmable LED Downlights have travelled a long way with an awesome new technology only to better the lives of so many people in the universe. Even though this planet was ruled by the incandescent light, LED dimmable have become a major player in this area and is dominating it quite well. • The demand of LED has touched new heights too. Market is expecting to reach greater numbers in manufacturing. Since down lights are the new trend to pursue, some important factors influence your choice and quality of product.

  4. Features 1. Brightness Level LED brightness is measured by lumens, not wattage. So greater wattage doesn’t mean more lumens as LED requires less watt and still offers high lumen output. But more lumen means more brightness such that modern LED Downlightsare much more energy efficient than older fluorescent or halogen Downlights. 2. Casing Downlights must be durable and encased in proper frame that is sturdy and beautiful because you pay more on the outer structure. Good frames are made of aluminum and aluminum heat sinks work better over plastic ones. A quality diffuser is also one reason to a perfectly glow lighting arrangement as cheap diffusers often offer poor lighting compared to better made diffusers.

  5. 3. Color Temperature Kelvin measurement determines the color characteristics of light either warm or cool. Lower Kelvin gives Warm White while higher Kelvin has Cool White light effect. • Warm White= Less than 4000K • Cool White = More than 4000K Color temperature impacts the atmosphere of your home. It can also influence our sleeping patterns. Warm light soothes the eyes as it affects melatonin growth. 4. Focus of angle: A good dimmable must have proper beam angle focused on target. Wide beam angle lights create a wider, softer light but narrow ones produce a sharp, concentrated light best for spotlighting. Wide beam angle = 60 degrees or more Narrow beam angle = Less than 60 degrees

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