uterus prolapsed n.
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Ayurvedic treatment of uterus prolapse - Kalptaru Herbal Therapy Centre! PowerPoint Presentation
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Ayurvedic treatment of uterus prolapse - Kalptaru Herbal Therapy Centre!

Ayurvedic treatment of uterus prolapse - Kalptaru Herbal Therapy Centre!

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Ayurvedic treatment of uterus prolapse - Kalptaru Herbal Therapy Centre!

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  2. What is Uterus Prolapse? Downward Displacement of Uterus (Womb) outside the Vagina. Uterus is attached to the Dorsal body wallvia the Mesometrium broad Ligament. Pelvic muscles, fibrous tissues and Ligaments that hold the Uterus in place become weak, stretched and relaxed than Prolapse Uterus starts.

  3. Causes of Uterus Prolapsed • Application of Forceps during labour. • Stretched and Weakened Pelvic. • Perineal injury. • Repeated Labour. • Weakness of Abdominal and Perineal Muscles. • Causes giving rise Intra-abdominal Pressure. • Improper Involution. • More common after Menopause(Loss of Estrogen Hormone). • Being Overweight and obese.

  4. KALPTARU HERBAL THERAPY CENTRE Our Polyherbal formula for Prolapsed Uterus is Researched and Developed from a traditional formula of Ayurvedic Sciences. This is Time Tested, Targeted and Result Oriented Treatment. Kalptaru Herbal Therapy Centre provides oral dosage form of Medicine for Uterus Prolapsed treatment. Our Centre prepare this polyherbal formula on the basis of principle of Ayurveda described in Ancient Ayurvedic literatures. Ingredients used for preparing this polyherbal formula are grown organically in land of Himalayas.

  5. Non Surgical Treatment of Uterus Prolapsed Our medicine is a Polyherbal Formula (on principle of Ayurveda) as described in Ancient Ayurvedic literatures. The medicine is time tested, researched and developed by traditional family of Ayurveda. This is holistic treatment from the land of Himalayas. The ingredients are grown organically. The medicine is targeted and result oriented. The medicine is not prepared for commercial purpose. Medicine is always prepared freshly only for our Patients.

  6. ABOUT MEDICINE The medicine works on the Principle of Ayurveda .In the theory of Ayurveda there are three forces which are called TRI-DOSHA (VATA,PITTA and KAPHA).If these DOSHAS are in equilibrium then person will remain healthy . If any DOSHA is vitiated then we fall ill.In the case of YONI-BHRANSHA (Prolapsed Uterus) there is always aggravation of VATA DOSHA . To treat this problem we have to pacify VATA DOSHA firstly.

  7. CONTACT US • Address: Kalptaru Herbal Therapy Centre, Saharanpur Road, Herbertpur, Dehradun, India • Call Us : +91-9897 379 307 | +91-9897 551 272 • Email: • Website: