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Mid-term I Review Class PowerPoint Presentation
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Mid-term I Review Class

Mid-term I Review Class

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Mid-term I Review Class

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  1. Mid-term I Review Class Grammatica Latinae

  2. FIRST CONJUGATION present CONFIRMARE I confirm confirmo you confirm confirmas she confirms confirmat we confirm confirmamus you confirm confirmatis they confirm confirmant 2nd s. pres. act. indic. baptizo

  3. FIRST CONJUGATION IRREGULAR present DARE I give do you give das she gives dat we give damus you give datis they give dant

  4. FIRST DECLENSION CARTA, -AE nom. carta cartae gen. cartae cartarum dat. cartae cartis acc. cartam cartas abl. carta cartis dat. pl. aqua

  5. TRANSLATION Regina cartam puelle dat nom. sing. acc. sing. dat. sing. 3rd per. sing. pres. act. indic. The queen gives a charter to the girl

  6. TRANSLATION Dominus terram ecclesie occupat nom. sing. acc. sing. dat. sing. 3rd per. sing. pres. act. indic. The lord seizes the land of the church

  7. TRANSLATION Ecclesia unam acram in parochia habet nom. sing. acc. sing. acc. sing. prep./abl. abl. sing 3rd sing. pres. act. indic. The church holds one acre in the parish

  8. SECOND DECLENSION masculine DOMINUS, -I nom. dominus domini gen. domini dominorum dat. domino dominis acc. dominum dominos abl. domino dominis nom. pl. filius

  9. SECOND DECLENSION neuter PRATUM, -I nom. pratum prata gen. prati pratorum dat. prato pratis acc. pratum prata abl. prato pratis abl. pl. gratum

  10. TRANSLATION Terras filio Willelmi do et carta confirmo conj. acc. pl. abl. sing. dat. sing. as w./ do gen. sing. 1st per. sing. pres. act. indic. I give and confirm the lands to William’s son by charter

  11. FOURTH DECLENSION feminine MANUS, -US nom. manus manus gen. manus manuum dat. manui manibus acc. manum manus abl. manu manibus gen. s. domus

  12. FOURTH DECLENSION masculine LACUS, -US nom. lacus lacus gen. lacus lacuum dat. lacui lacubus acc. lacum lacus abl. lacu lacubus

  13. FIFTH DECLENSION feminine RES, -EI nom. res res gen. rei rerum dat. rei rebus acc. rem res abl. re rebus abl. pl. dies

  14. TRANSLATION Datum die et anno supradicto Dated on the day and year above stated Quo die apparuit et dominus monuit eum On which day he appeared and the lord warned him

  15. FIRST AND SECOND DECLENSION ADJECTIVES Same as 1st and 2nd declension nouns TRANSLATION Rex ecclesie terram bonam dat The king gives good land to the church

  16. SECONED CONJUGATION present HABERE I have habeo you have habes she has habet we have habemus you have habetis they have habent 3rd pl. pres. act. indic. permaneo

  17. TRANSLATION Ecclesia tenet iij rodas in manerio The church holds three rods in the manor Una acra in prato iacet One acre lies in the meadow

  18. THE PERFECT TENSE first conjugation AMAVI I loved amavi you loved amavisti she loved amavit we loved amavimus you loved amavistis they loved amaverunt 1st pl. perf. act. indic. aro

  19. THE PERFECT TENSE second conjugation TENUI I held tenui you held tenuisti she held tenuit we held tenuimus you held tenuistis they held tenuerunt 3rd pl. perf. act. indic. maneo

  20. THE IMPERFECT TENSE ARARE I was plowing arabam you were plowing arabas she was plowing arabat we were plowing arabamus you were plowing arabatis they were plowing arabant 2nd pl. imperf. act. indic. baptizo

  21. THE FUTURE TENSE 1ST AND 2ND CONJUGATIONS ARARE I will plow arabo you will plow arabis she will plow arabit we will plow arabimus you will plow arabitis they will plow arabunt 1st s. fut. act. indic. baptizo

  22. TRANSLATION Richardus et Radulphus dederunt clameum quod habebant in pastura de Edulneston monachis de Tuttesbir imperpetuum Richard and Radulph gave a claim that they were holding in the pasture of Edulneston to the monks of Tutbury in perpetuity

  23. TRANSLATION In burgo predicto unum pratum habuimus We held one meadow in the aforesaid borough

  24. THIRD DECLENSION masculine REX, REGIS nom. rex reges gen. regis regum dat. regi regibus acc. regem reges abl. rege regibus gen. s. civis

  25. THIRD DECLENSION feminine and neuter Feminine is same as masculine, neuter differs in the accusative RELATIVE PRONOUNS qui, que, quod Cf. p. 23

  26. TRANSLATION Ranulphus duas acras tenet quarum una acra iuxta terram Johannis iacet Randy holds two acres of which one acre lies next to the land of John Hec est carta qua terram teneo This is the charter by which I hold the land

  27. THIRD DECLENSION ADJECTIVES Same as 3rd declension nouns, except abl. sing. TRANSLATION Hec est finalis concordia facta in curia regis This is the final concord made in the king’s court

  28. VERBAL ADJECTIVES present participle: present stem + -ns, -ntis (then as 3rd dec. adj.) future participle: periphrasic stem + -urus, -ura, -urum (then as 1st and 2nd dec. adj.) perfect passive participle: 4th principle part (then as 1st and 2nd dec. adj.)

  29. INFINITIVES present active: 2nd principle part AMARE present passive: 2nd principle part to –i AMARI perfect active: perf. stem + -isse AMAVISSE perfect passive: 4th principle part + esse AMATUS ESSE future active: fut. act. part + esse AMATURUS ESSE future passive: 4th priniple part + iri AMATUS IRI

  30. TRANSLATION Ricardus Messing obstupavit viam ducentem ad ecclesiam Richard Messing blocked the road leading to the church Idem Radulphus nativus levabit fenum unum diem per annum The same villein Radulph will lift hay one day per year

  31. THE PERFECT TENSE third conjugation DIXI I said dixi you said dixisti she said dixit we said diximus you said dixistis they said dixerunt 1st pl. perf. act. indic. nosco

  32. TRANSLATION Ricardus Porter diem clausit extremum citra ultimam curiam Richard Porter closed the last day since the last court Ego Ricardus remisi totum ius meum I Richard remised my entire right

  33. ABLATIVE ABSOLUTE ACCUSATIVE AND INFINITIVE Sciant omnes me Ricardum confirmare cartam Sciant omnes me Ricardum confirmavisse cartam

  34. THE SUBJUNCTIVE MOOD 1st conj. stem –a- to -e- (roget) 2nd conj. add to stem -a- (habeat) 3rd conj. stem change to -a- (petat) 4th conj. add to stem -a- (sciat)

  35. THE PASSIVE VOICE present system AMARE I am loved amor you are loved amaris she is loved amatur we are loved amamur you are loved amamini they are loved amantur

  36. THE PASSIVE VOICE perfect system perfect pass. 4th prin. part + sum, es, est, sumus, estis, sunt fut. perf. pass. 4th prin. part + ero, eris, erit, erimus, eritis, erunt pluperf. pass. 4th prin part. + eram, eras, erat, eramus, eratis, erant GERUNDS and GERUNDIVES GERUNDS pres. stem + -ndum (then as 2nd dec. neuter) N.B. no nom. form GERUNDIVES has all forms inflected as 1st and 2nd dec. adj.

  37. TRANSLATION Omnes terre in manu domini capiuntur All the lands are taken into the hand of the lord Elizabetha filia Johannis Port baptizata erat Elizabeth the daughter of John Port was baptized

  38. TRANSLATION Croftum tentum est per servicia inde debita et consueta The croft was held through service then owed and accustomed Confirmavi predictum croftum habendum et tenendum Alicie I confirmed the croft aforesaid to be had and to be held for Alice

  39. TRANSLATION Predicta Katerina concessit Johanni patri suo unum messuagium tenendum ad totam vitam suam The aforesaid Katerina granted to John her father one messuage to hold his entire life